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I had to repost this. BAH hahahahahahahaha!

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Because I hate leaving serious stuff lying around without some kind of amusement to ease the impact: apparently the ESRB descrip for Brutal Legend is the longest on record. "...and sub woofers can be used to kill druids and other fantastical creatures."
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Strange Shadows
by *Bluesrat on deviantART

See, I watched Advent Children Complete this week, and then I got David Bowie's "Wild as the Wind" stuck in my head.  Something like this was inevitable.  (At least one person knows she's partially responsible for this.  You know who you are.)
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I have a new car. It's awesome. I have sticker shock. That, not so much. I've never spent so much money on an actual object before. O.o

This weekend, I drank really really good coffee. Great coffee. Coffee so good that you want to drink it black to keep from disguising the taste. Coffee so good it tastes the way it smells. Coffee so good that I don't hate coffee anymore. Now I just hate most coffee, and I weep for the crimes committed daily against the bean.

I have too much homework on a week when I just want to curl up and hide. This weekend shall be nothing. Rest and whatever homework I don't get to during the week. And maybe finish another drawing that I realized yesterday was that character I dreamed about, whom apparently I was trying to draw a few weeks before I dreamed of him. Oh, subconscious, you are a crazy mofo.

And maybe obsessing over FFVII--my first conscious fandom, which lately has reawakened (I can't believe it's been over 10 years!).

God, that game was such a scattered mess. But the things that worked, worked so well that I've never been able to let go of trying to make sense of it all. Mainly because of Nibelheim. The moment you arrive at that town, you know you've found the heart of evil. Every step you take, every door you open, increases the smothering weight of it till you stand in that little lab beneath the town and you know that from this spot the ripples of horror spread till they threatened to devour the world. And with a dizzying sense of falling into an abyss without a bottom, you understand that you, the main character, were there when it happened, and that even you didn't really make it out alive.

They failed at everything else till 10 years later, but they pulled off Nibelheim, and that was enough. It's kind of sad that it took a single line from the later movie to make most of it resolve into perfect sense (though admittedly the other games helped too)...but y'know, after all this time I can't help but love it for the crazy nonsense too.

This is why so many FFVII fans and not-quite-fans are desperate for a remake. But in a way, I'm not looking forward to it, because I think if it ever gets the treatment the story deserved, it'll be the end of it.

Won't stop me from playing if it ever hits the market, though. :)
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Was in the worst mood I can remember earlier this week. Much dissipated now--possibly due to the almighty cleaning binge that swept the kitchen last night. We had ANTS! Not swarms of them, but the idea offends me. I hadn't been able to give the kitchen a good scrubbing in a few weeks because we were either on the move, out of cleaning supplies, or people wouldn't get out of the kitchen long enough for me to do it. But now that sucker is gleaming!

For another few hours, anyway. Still. Good while it lasts. And it cleared the anger-cobwebs out of my head. No idea why I was so ticked off at the world. It's not really like me. Maybe it's just the stress from things being so crazy lately.

Oh! And speaking of crazy! I'm now working in Guantanamo Bay! That's right. They emptied the prison because they wanted to move it to central Pennsylvania so that we could use it for an office. Our work area, called the Tower (jokes about Isengard or Barad-dur may commence), sits in a little outcropping that protrudes from the top of the building, about 100 feet square with glass on all sides. We've currently got no vent system because they've got the HVAC off in order to remove asbestos from the pipes (heh), and for the last couple of weeks we've had no water because the plumbing has "rotted out" and they have to do a mass replacement (also heh).

This week the weather finally stopped screwing off and settled into the 80s, which means I'm now working in a greenhouse. Only without water.

We're pointedly-not-promised-but-assured-nonetheless that this situation will be remedying itself next week, when they believe water will be restored and theoretically the maintenance guys will be fixing the A/C portion of the HVAC. We shall see.

In the meantime, have another inking attempt.

Don't Get Et Inked
by *Bluesrat on deviantART

I love Etherites. This is Ambrose Quintrell, aka Doc Quantum. I've wanted to color this since I drew it, but I could never get it going with the pencils. Apparently it wanted to be inked, because it's working much better now.

But it's still going slowly, because my sister just bought a PS3 and I keep getting distracted by Assassin's Creed.
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I've started replaying Vagrant Story. It's a game for the original Playstation--I think it might be the last one Squaresoft released on the old platform, in fact--but the graphics are still surprisingly tolerable. The environments, in fact, are rather beautiful, and the soundtrack is spooky and lovely. I'd all but forgotten just how much I enjoyed this game.

To be honest, I'd forgotten a great deal about Vagrant Story. For example, I remember so little of the (fairly complex, very psychological) story that it's almost like playing it again for the first time. I'd forgotten how spooky and isolated the game feels. You hit a point where you actually start being grateful when you run into the bad guys, just because they're another living human face. Most of the time it's just you, your sword, and a lot of things that need a good beat-down. A body could start talking to themselves down there...

The funny thing, though, is how seamless it all really is. I usually just ignore it, but I have always been amused by the flow of most RPGs: you take a lot of trips through nearly random dungeons in order to reach the reward of the next story scene. Vagrant Story is one of the few...well, I guess it's an RPG, but it's closer to what the 3D platform games have become--but anyway, it really makes sense. You're a lone knight stalking through a cursed, abandoned city in an attempt to hunt down the evil cultists who kidnapped the duke's son. The story happens when you either manage to catch up to people and listen in on what they're doing or encounter your enemies directly and worm intel out of them.

Finally, it's interesting to play through it again, because when it first came out, it was unique. Square pulled a lot of firsts with this game. These days, all that stuff Vagrant Story first is standard practice, but this game still does it really well, and besides, it's just neat to compare.

Onto other things: my sister sent me this song she found on YouTube: Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace. I'm so out of touch, it's possible these guys have been around for ages, or that I'm coming in a few weeks after a nine-day wonder. But I love this song.
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This has always been one of my favorite RPGs of all time (this and VI are my favorite FF games). So now....Final Fantasy IV remake.

I agree with that reviewer. "I'm okay with SE totally whoring out this franchise so long as it continues to do so in this general direction." Exactly, reviewer dude. Exactly.

In other news, we caught our kitchen on fire the other night. That sounds spectacular, which is why I wanted to say it, but really it was just a little grease fire, of the sort you sometimes get when you're frying or grilling. The fire extinguisher got crap all over the place, though. It was a beast to clean up.

The chicken fingers, however, turned out spectacularly.

SPEAKING OF COOKING! Nate_Prentice just showed me this little beauty: Eater of souls, roaster of dogs.

Also: fine, fine! My birthday's up in my profile now. Happy, LJ? I only left it out to avoid the embarrassment of having half my f-list descend upon me in annual birthday wishes and most of the other half apologizing to me for a week after for missing it.
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This is it! This is the day! My friends, that anti-video game whackjob Jack Thompson has thrown down the gauntlet to Microsoft!

If we're lucky, this will be the most hilarious court "battle" of the decade.

The extended letter can be found here.
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Um...*cough* Is there any chance that any of you are geeky enough to remember a six-issue comic miniseries from...oh, early 1990s based on Double Dragon? It featured Billy and Jimmy Lee in red and green ninja suits, and Stan Lee was their dad. I swear to God, I'm not making it up.

Anyway, if any of you happen to have an idea of where I might find copies of this, either digital or in print, clue me in, wouldya?


Oct. 25th, 2005 01:59 pm
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Thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Wilma, we're currently getting one of the earliest snowstorms I can remember. And it's sticking! They've had to plow, even. It's so cool.

Snow makes me a very happy person. Yes, I'm one of those people.

Snow was a big part of my childhood. Where I come from, there is little but farms and trees. In the winter, after a good snow, it literally looks like a fairyland. My best friend in school used to call it Narnia--and it was. All the cold and travel inconvenience in the world can't beat that kind of beauty. I used to spend hours outside in winter. I remember the blizzard of '83, when the snow was so deep and I was so small that I nearly got lost in my grandparents' yard. And the blizzard of '93, when my friends and I went up to the Methodist church to leap off its roof into snowdrifts. In '96, the weather turned quite suddenly in March, so we had snow on the ground in 70 degree weather, and my whole class got into a huge snowball fight outside the high school in our shirtsleeves. And then there was the time I was decorating my mom's house while it snowed, and it was so cool because it was almost like magic to see those lights dripping through my fingers.

When I wasn't outside glorying in the whiteness, I was sitting tucked and cozy inside watching it. One particular high school art class comes to mind, when we were doing our Secret Santa projects in late November while it was snowing outside the windows. I was working on a picture of a cardinal sitting in a fir tree. But mostly I played video games with my sister. Usually Final Fantasy. For some reason, the FF series is particularly linked with snow in my mind. And what with all the obsessing about FFVII and Advent Children on my f-list lately, I think it might be about time for a replay...
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Yuri and Amon: Fusion Soul - colored.

The picture's pretty big, so brace yourself if you're on a dialup.

Man, this thing was a beast! It took me...geez, more than 48 hours to finish. Put in a few late nights on this over Christmas. :)


Nov. 22nd, 2004 01:34 pm
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Do any of you FMA fiends want music from the show? Or, for that matter, does anyone want music from other anime/video games? Since you guys have been so generous, I'd like to do something in return.

Lessee. Offhand, I know I've got music from FullMetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop (damn, that show's got some great soundtracks), Trigun, Gundam Wing, and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (that show has an incredible opening song). I can also hunt up music from other shows without much trouble, if you like. It'd be an excuse to get some more good songs. :)

Oh yeah. Also Legend of Zelda, various Castlevania games, Shadow Hearts 1 (hee hee hee, that took some work), Final Fantasy X, and assorted music from FF6, FF7, FF8 and FF9.
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But other people can look too.

Well, it's not colored (that'll take me...god, I don't know), but here is the picture that I wanted to draw for you. Yuri (in the coat) and Amon. I'm just calling it "Fusion Soul" because I can't think of a better name.

On the bright side (for you) my more artistically-inclined sister liked this enough that she wants to try her hand at coloring it. She actually has an arts degree. I just make things up as I go along. So you'll get two looks out of one pic, while I'll be forced to compare the fruits of my labors with hers. ;)
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The promised Yuri in the coat sketch is here. Cheers!
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It's a good feeling when you get stuff done that you wanted to do. For example, I just finished a picture I've been fighting to color for...three weeks now? I finally typed up the transcript of our last RP session for the goons that missed it. I've assembled the study pictures for coat-Yuri and Amon, as well as Cliff from Star Ocean 3 (my roommates coerced me into drawing him without a shirt after they saw my picture of Yuri). AND I have begun the placation-sketch of Yuri for Aster to drool over until I finish the other one. :)

Look at me! I'm productive!

But while thinking about the Yuri picture I'm planning, I thought of another one that's similar but more...heh. XD Argh! Well, nevertheless. I think it's most important that I apply myself to the Yuri-smut. Priorities, after all.

And after I get done with that and the THREE (o_O;;) SH fanarts I now have floating in my brain (fighting back number 4 that's trying to be born right now), I think it's really time to do one for the Coldfire Trilogy. I never have seen a picture of Damien that I liked. I've seen precious few pictures of Damien at all. Ah, but I think I mentioned to someone that I'd do Lust as a pirate wench. And I have two more SH fanfictions curdling in my nasty mind.

I think that's everything. I have an English degree, for God's sake. Why am I drawing so much? Because these fandoms need more art, that's why. 'Course, they need more smut writing too. I am beating back the impulse to FMA-fic with a lead pipe. Despite Scar's insane awesomeness rating, and Greed's being cool as sin (har har), I have a desire for Ed stories. *sigh* I'm such a sucker for strong-but-broken.
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Er, sorry. Looks like it ended up being a few hours after all.

Anyway, check this out and let me know what you think:
"My life is not my own."
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It's for fellow rabid Yuri fangirls. But it's not ready yet. It'll be a couple of hours.

I just wanted to mention it, though, because I'm evil. ;)
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Found the image I mentioned before: Yuri

And there are a bunch of other good ones here: Maskrider's website

Ah. AND, here's an LJ community for SH lovers (a lot of game talk currently, but they seem to be very good about hiding spoilers): [ profile] shadow_hearts

That is all for now.
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Well, it's a day late and a dollar short, but here's the SH fanfic I said I'd post. I had to break this bastard down and reassemble it four times, because these boys just didn't want to cooperate.

Fandom: Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Pairing: Nicholai/Yuri (Puera)
NC-17ism ahead.
Oh yeah, and I don't own these guys or anything related to them (much to my sorrow).

I warn you, this thing has no real plot, contains highly descriptive smut, hatesex, weird kinkiness, and...well, I can't in all good conscience call this 'consensual,' even if Yuri's begging by the end. Hopefully it does not contain bad writing. I've never written graphic sex before, so please be kind if it sucks, and tell me how to fix it. Hell, let me know if you like it too. Or if you like it and the writing sucks. :)

Killing you isn't enough. )


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