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I'm here, I'M HERE. I swear it's like I can't keep track of two websites at once these days.

So. Netflix's Daredevil. Who's watched it? LET US DISCUSS.
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I feel like Constantine just leapt whatever pitfall it'd been struggling with. Hot damn.

I've been enjoying it, but (barring the episode with Gary Lester) something about it always felt a little awkward, like the actors were still ironing out their roles, or maybe they were still working on the fit between John and Zed. That's all gone now.

There was a moment when Matt Ryan was standing half in shadow and he turned to face the camera, and I caught my breath because every bit of 'this is a TV show and that's an actor' fell away, and it was nothing but John Constantine right there, in the flesh.

If this is a milestone and the rest of the season falls together like this, then they had better renew the show or else I will go down to NBC's offices, refuse to leave, and drink all their coffee until they agree.
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It occurred to me that my international fellow Grimm peeps might not realize that Grimm being set in Portland is an in-joke.  Or a cultural commentary.  Kind of a bit of both.

Portland, Oregon is known as one of the great hipster enclaves of the US. One of the city slogans is "Keep Portland weird."  (Originally meant as a campaign to support Portland's idiosyncratic locally-owned businesses, but...well, it was embraced.) It's brimming over with counter-culture liberal hippies, weird artists and master artisans who practice the finer points of now-obscure trades everybody else in the US long ago gave over to mass manufacturing. Here is a brief story about Portland, a place where a singing taco on roller skates doesn't really surprise people.

In particular, Monroe: a flannel-wearing, gourmet-coffee-swilling, environmentally-concerned clockmaking werewolf with a passion for quirky family history and Old World memorabilia, who manages his 'inner wolf' via a vaguely New Age regimen of pilates and vegetarianism...  Honestly, if you take out the word 'werewolf' he's a quintessential Portlandian.  He's basically your typical Portlandian who also just happens to be a werewolf (hey, Portlandians don't judge; everybody's got their thing).

(There's a love of flannel that will not die in the Pacific Northwest.  It's such a perfect antidote to the damp, chilly winters they get up there.)

And there's a reason Rosalee and her alternative medicine spice shop with its trade in non-illegal mind-altering drugs doesn't turn heads.  It's far from the only one of those to be found in the city.

Also, the coffee.  You might have noticed everybody on the show is coffee-crazed (I mean, aside from the fact that half of them are either cops or medical professionals). Portland is one of the lynchpin cities in a belt of connoisseur coffee obsession that runs along the coast of the Pacific Northwest from northern California up into Canada.  Same goes for craft beers and microbrews.  Perhaps this is the reason Portland seems to attract so many specifically central European monster types; a migrating people can live without a lot of things, but good beer is hard to leave behind.

So really, if there's any city in the US that seems likely to play host to ethnic monster enclaves grappling to meld tradition with a monster version of the modern American dream, it's probably Portland.
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I've gone quiet again because I have been hiding from the internet and reconnecting with real life...by which I of course mean paperback books and TV.

What I have been watching:

Grimm - I just spent the past two weeks mainlining the entire run of Grimm so far, and catching up on season 4, and then flailing about it with over in her LJ.  Grimm is one of those shows that got off to a slow start.  Season 1 was not captivating.  But they found their stride about halfway through season 2, and as of season 3 it has taken its rightful place upon the throne of dark fairytale TV.  It's one part Buffy, one part Supernatural, and one part something all its own where fairytale monsters have their own ethnic conclaves in modern cities and cops respond to domestic violence calls at the three little pigs' house.

Doctor Who - I watched the first episode of the season, and then the last two.  I loved those and have no desire whatsoever to expose myself to any of the episodes in between.  BUT THOSE LAST TWO, LET'S TALK ABOUT THEM. *points at comments*  Oh god, that's the best Doctor Who I have seen in years.  And just possibly the best version of the Master EVER.

Sleepy Hollow - working on catching up on this one now.  I'm a few episodes into season 2 (so careful with spoilers!).  I enjoy this show but so far this season doesn't grab me like some of the others I'm watching, or the way S1 did.  I actually voluntarily stopped watching for the evening, when I could have continued.  But, there is John Noble, whom I would pay to watch recite the phone book.  I am captivated every time he's on the screen.

Constantine - some of you may remember that I adore Hellblazer of old.  The main DC John Constantine is softer than Vertigo's version (after all, kids could potentially encounter him), and the TV series is based on the DC version rather than the Vertigo version.  EXCEPT.  He's maybe a leeeetle more Vertigo than that after all.  Up through episode 3 I was beginning to wonder whether they were really going to manifest the potential here.  And then episode 4 happened.  Oh.  Oh YES.

Also, I cackled at the place where they apparently figured out they could draw the line on John's smoking habit.  As long as he doesn't actually puff on camera, apparently he can walk around with it dangling out of his mouth.
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I wish you could merge Livejournals, because I am over the days when I felt shy about writing genderswap tentacle-sex porn.

Also I think all my followers who would have been scandalized by this have stopped using LJ, soooooo.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] arbitrary_fic at BBC Sherlock fic: Six
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: NC-17
Tags & Warnings: Omegaverse, tentacles, sexswap
Notes: Written for michi_thekiller. Betaed by the always delightful LapOtter!

Sherlock and Jonnie both gasped and jerked as another of Sherlock’s knots popped into her.
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I'm behind the times on this, because the first season has just ended, but welp. The first episode is freely available on Showtime.com, and I finally took the plunge.

Oh my god, I'm so happy right now. Gaslight pulp horror is my THING. I can feel all the bloody, crazed mad scientist eyes healing my soul as I write this.
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Budget Cuts Force British Government To Shut Down Mysterious Seaside Village
The Onion - America's Finest News Source

LONDON—Officials announced this week that the country's ongoing financial crisis would necessitate the closure of a mysterious seaside village operated by the British government since 1967. "In light of the current economic downturn, it is unwise to maintain this secret locale any longer," said a man identified only as Number Two, referring to the bucolic village whose sole aim appeared to be the recovery of desirable information from former intelligence agents. "Plus, the cost of maintaining human chessboards, outdated penny- farthings, and our state-of-the-art escapee- retrieval sphere just proved too much. We would have closed this whole place down years ago had it not been for one particularly uncooperative resident." The man refused to directly answer any questions about the village, instead using surreal imagery and oblique references before ending the press conference with a quiet and ominous "Be seeing you."
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1: Saw the A-Team movie on Saturday, and enjoyed the hell out of it. The guys were exactly right; I had forgotten just how maniacal they could be. The plot was...my sister describes it as "Ocean's Eleven meets Counterstrike," which is pretty much exactly right. There was a lot more brutal violence than in the old show, but Hannibal's plans were appropriately insane. I felt myself hit the brick wall of over-stimulation near the end, and the final sequence had its flaws, but there was also Liam Neeson doing a lot of voice-over work, which earned the price of matinee admission right there. I could happily watch it again.

2: As a consequence, I have been revisiting the original series on Hulu. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, good times. I'd forgotten how sophisticated and derpy it could be, often at the same time. The oddest thing is how the quality of the main cast's work was often so far above everyone around them that the difference between the drivel spouted by the villain of the week and Hannibal's wicked commentary could just about make your head spin. I'd also forgotten how adorable it was to see Mr. T with a pack of kids in tow. And Murdock. Yeah. How'd I ever forget Murdock.

3: Justified. Has anybody else been watching this? It's sort of a guilty pleasure of mine, but there's something about it... It's like, the level of homicidal tendency to be found in a 2000-soul town has been dramatized off the charts, but a part of me knows those people. My own one-horse salt-of-the-earth hometown wasn't in the South, but it was in the Appalachians, where people still worked too hard for not much and no matter what you did, you still ended the day with dirt under your fingernails. And I recognize the insistent undercurrent that no matter how far you go or who you try to become, you can never get it out of your blood.

4: So how about that Doctor, eh? Yeah. :) There was much goodness, crack, and pretty well-reasoned timey-wimey, but most importantly it's the first finale for the new run that I've come away feeling good about, like not "Well, there's always next season" but "OMG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!" My favorite bit may have been the paean to the TARDIS. I got mushy.
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Last night, my friends and I plotted out a showdown between the Elrics and the Winchesters to find out who's the most martyrtastic pair of siblings in pop culture. (The brothers Leandros, while being champions at co-dependence, have not managed to actually die for each other yet, though they've made some heroic attempts.)

Initially, the SPN finale sat poorly with me, but then at the time I was in an incompatible headspace and the freaking commercials managed to knock me out of the story's flow every time I started getting into it. After re-watching it the other day, though, it's starting to grow on me.

When Chuck began talking about all the Impala had meant to the boys over the years, I had this horrible epiphany (which turned out not to be true) that the Impala was going to die. I thought Dean'd use it to ram the Devil into Hell.

It would've been the perfect ending, if another season weren't scheduled. I get misty-eyed just thinking about it. I can see it resolving things for the boys in a way I doubt anything else ever could at this point.

Sis said she thought for a minute that Chuck was Gabriel (I wish!). Also a great idea. I could totally see him doing that. She also pointed out that there are in fact three angel brothers, and three Winchester brothers, and if anybody was ever born to be Gabriel's vessel, it's Dean. Which would've been awesome ("Hey, gimme a ride for a minute, Dean-o." *backstab!*), but ah well. It lives on in my mind.

But anyway, what bugged me about the whole thing at first... )

And info for next season. (Looks like good news for certain angel fans...) )
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Everything's falling apart around here today. This is resulting in a day where, despite the fact that I have a whole pile of work to do, I can't do any of it because none of my tools are functional.

And I'm pretty sure I've used that subject line before. Who cares? I love that poem.

I'm so far behind on LJ. I ran off and marinated myself in Fullmetal Alchemist for a week and a half, catching up on the manga storyline (which is almost finished, whooo things have gotten exciting!) and the new anime (which is available for free--if you don't mind English subtitles--and quite legally on FUNimation's official Youtube channel...which by the way also has a whole bunch of other good stuff).

Despite that, at this point the pop culture centers of my brain are mostly occupied by the fact that ONLY TWO SUPERNATURAL EPS LEFT omg. I still remember sitting down with my sister the evening the series premiered and being blown away by how I had never realized how much I wanted this show. We're having a viewing party the night of the finale. It'll be epic, so long as our cable doesn't randomly kick out.

Well, yes, they've signed on for one more season, which according to Robert Singer (the other exec producer) will be returning to the original formula of Monster + Winchesters = Kersplat, along with "brotherly relationship-building" tag. I guess it'll basically be the brothers putting themselves back together after all this.

So in conclusion, hey I'm still alive.

SPN 5x14

Feb. 12th, 2010 09:54 am
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What is it with my shows and eating, lately? Urg. Oh Master, you and your turkey look so innocuous now. OxO

But yay, finally Sam gets to be awesome again! And yay, Castiel! (Even if this was not his finest moment.) And oh, oh Dean

Other stuff that's spoilery. )
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It's the Nations of the World!

[livejournal.com profile] ninkasa started it.

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But screw politics. This bit of news is what I came to post: Mystery visitor to Poe's grave is a no-show - Yahoo! News

I'm sad. That guy had style.

Also I'm liking how White Collar seems to be shaping up. I love super-smart but not too stern caper stories like The Sting, and I hope that's the sort of thing White Collar is going to be: con-artists and chess masters running schemes on every side, with the good guys prevailing not just because they're lucky or insane but because they're smarter than everybody else. Especially the guy in the scruffy trenchcoat whom everybody underestimates. I thought Neal would be my favorite, but Peter has won my heart by being too awesome for words. I'm a huge fan of people who can repeatedly startle me with their coolness even when I think I already know how awesome they are (perhaps my single favorite personality trait, and one many of you flisters share).
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An American Torchwood? An American Doctor Who?! WHY?! No! Go away, Fox! We don't love you anymore!

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Just in case you didn't realize.

Wow, we're coming into the home stretch. This'll be it; no more breaks, no more waiting, just the end. I'm looking forward to it and not, at the same time. It's always sad to have to part ways with a good story.

Kripke says he's got the guys on contract for one more season after this, but whether they'll do anything with it, he doesn't know (or he didn't, at the time). He also says he'd love to do a Western/horror series about Samuel Colt and the stuff he got up to that led to his creating the Colt. That'd be pretty sweet.
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What's the point of a successfully shocking and gossip-inducing winter finale if you immediately attempt to back off of it in order to appease the 10% of viewers who don't like it? Really, what did they expect? Some people don't respond well to surprises.

I liked it. Yes, it was sudden and WTF-inducing, but after I had a few minutes to regain my equilibrium, I realized that it was pretty darn cool. It means that Peter's even smarter than we thought he was, and that there'll be more conspiracy/political intrigue to the show than we've seen so far. Which is good! It'll give the guys a chance to show off how clever they are.
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I think Supernatural may be trying to kill me. XD That episode was a riot. The boys attend a convention for their own show! It's made even better by the fact that Becky's the fangirl's existence is considered personally offensive by some of the fans. I love Kripke and his "O HAI FANDOM I SEE U THAR!" antics.

(Also the thing about the gay couple at the end was really rather adorable.)

I find it terribly interesting to watch the dynamics of the whole media/fan base relationship, actually. I know it makes some people uncomfortable to be explicitly acknowledged like Kripke did here, because so much goes on in the grey areas of legal code, and so far those areas have been protected mainly by all involved looking the other way outside of certain protected spaces (like conventions). But the preservation of that depends on ignorance on the part of those who do care and wouldn't turn a blind eye if they knew, which is a state of affairs that isn't going to last forever. Network execs do now have the internets, after all, and can forward shifty URLs to their lawyers, and there's a whole new generation of scholars out there studying things like fanfiction and RPGs.

So eventually this stuff will get dragged out into the light one way or another. Sooner is probably better. Let the publishers and networks and whatnot see that this is business as usual: if you want a strong fanbase, this is what you can expect. If they connect it with earning them money (which it does, at least in the sense of it being good business not to alienate your most devoted customers), they'll protect it. Sure they need to protect their intellectual property, but arrangements can be worked out. Japan has had a pretty good system in place for years. In a larger sense, it's probably the only way to break out of the mess we've currently got with copyright.

Anyway, I'm done thinking. Back to trying not to screw off and actually get this blasted admissions letter written.
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White Collar looked like some fluffy fun: a show about a brilliant, snarky FBI agent and the brilliant, snarky, stylish criminal he put behind bars. They fight crime. So I tossed the series premiere up on Hulu last night, and it was just as much fun as it sounded. :D

Basically the FBI agent, Peter, is chasing an art thief who's so good nobody's ever even managed to ID him, and the con-man, Neal (con-man is such a threadbare term for a man who slides through lies like a shark in Caribbean waters), gets himself released into Peter's custody to help catch the guy to earn a good-behavior plea. That's the first 10 minutes or so. The rest of the episode is the two of them doing this while having relationship troubles. Neal's lady walked out on him while he was in prison, and Peter's looking for an anniversary present for his wife that lives up to all the times he's bombed out on her--at Neal's reminder ("Are you chasing criminals on your anniversary?!" "Oh god, how does this always sneak up on me?").

Which is a lot of the fun. After chasing/being chased for five years or so, the two of them live in each other's heads, which makes for surprisingly good teamwork and a weird sort of tension. They don't even especially hate each other; there's just a recognition that it's...odd to know more about each other than they do anybody they actually want in their lives. It results in a lot of stalking jokes, and funny looks from Peter's wife (who gets it, but still).

We also discover that Peter's apparently a lit/history geek when he catches a guy up with Alexander Pushkin references and riffs with Neal on 1930s pop culture. <3
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I baked some pretty awesome blackberry muffins last week, except I forgot to put in baking powder. Pretty tasty, anyway, and as experimental textures go...well, it was experimental. In the sense of, um, oops.

We took Mom back to her place this weekend. She's doing well enough to take care of herself. Huge relief! And a bonus weekend with the family. After that grueling slog through medical emergency, everybody was kinda down for the count, and I wanted out anyway, so I volunteered to walk the dog all over town (got to revisit some old haunts I don't usually get out to) and then spent a day puttering around in my uncle's garden. Came home with a whole produce aisle's worth of harvest, along with two venison steaks (score!). I made amends to the parrots, who were cranky about having had no one to play with for three weeks (my aunt feeds them, but let's just say they don't see eye-to-eye on the definition of "quality time").

In possibly related news, I've developed a weird sensation in my throat since my visit. It feels like I'm trying not to cry, only all the time. Now, I'm aware that this could be a harbinger of some serious medical conditions, but betting it was instead a harbinger of autumn allergies, I gave it a week of benadryl. No dice so far, so I'll get it checked by a doctor next week. Next suspect on my list is mild asthma. I wouldn't be the first person in my family to develop it.

Then again, now that the emergency is all over, I suppose it's possible that I just want to pitch a good fit. I prefer to put off the histrionics in the midst of crisis because you never know when you'll need a clear head, but...well, I've never been in the position of approving medical procedures on other people before. Hearing the doctor rattle off a list of long-shot but potentially devastating consequences of inserting a chest tube and then being asked for permission was a bucket of not-fun. Maybe I should rent the most depressing movie I can get my hands on and have an embarrassing crying jag some night this weekend.

But I'll visit the doc anyway; no sense taking stupid chances. And hey, while I'm there, maybe I can see about getting that EKG pushed forward. I don't really feel like waiting till November.

Finally (I know I'm repeating myself) OMG SUPERNATURAL TONIGHT! Last year I had three shows I took the trouble of catching when they first aired on TV. Now I'm down to one, because Fox moved Fringe to share Supernatural's slot like a bunch of jerks and Siffy-Yiffy bailed out on all that is good and moved Eureka to Fridays. Those're two separate things, by the way. They bailed out on all that is good AND they moved Eureka to Fridays. Not that I'm surprised. Anything they do right at this point is a happy accident and probably evidence that God does exist and works miracles.

PS: Yes, you may feel free to also call it Siffy-Yiffy. In fact, let's try to make it a meme. It's slightly less stupid than the real name, anyway.


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