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Man... Fandoms come and go, and you get used to that. But the saddest part about a fandom's fall from its golden age is looking back and missing all those wild-eyed talents that made it so great.

I hope you guys are still out there, somewhere. Here's to you!
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Originally posted by [ profile] ursulav at Swan Brothers

It happened one summer that a curse fell on my family. The details aren’t important. We could be here all night with who married whom and who cursed what. There was a curse, that’s all you need to know.

All seven of my brothers were turned into swans. From loud, hard-handed boys, they became mute birds, with wings as white as cloud and eyes as dark as heaven.

There was a great deal of chaos. There usually is, when someone turns into a bird. They went mad indoors and had to be ushered out into the gardens, to flap and sulk and arch their necks in beautiful reproach.

The wise woman of the woods came to me, with her hair wrapped up in leaf and copper wire. She told me that I was given the task of weaving seven shirts in silence, and only then would they be restored to human form.

A single word spoken, a single stitch unsewn, and they would be swans forever.

As soon as the wisewoman left the room, I pitched my spindle into the fire and sang aloud the raunchiest song I knew.

I never liked my brothers. They made much better swans.

The End

(This is my buddy Otter's fault. She's my editor and the last book has involved a lot of screaming and it...err...well, what with one thing and another, I thought I needed to write something based on the swan brother fairy tale, and then I realized it really didn't need to be novel-length...)

Ursula Vernon is magnificent.
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YouTube - SPN - The Road ... So Far to the End

Somebody I know [ profile] bunnymaccool made this. Do me a favor and tell her how awesome it is.
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Last night, my friends and I plotted out a showdown between the Elrics and the Winchesters to find out who's the most martyrtastic pair of siblings in pop culture. (The brothers Leandros, while being champions at co-dependence, have not managed to actually die for each other yet, though they've made some heroic attempts.)

Initially, the SPN finale sat poorly with me, but then at the time I was in an incompatible headspace and the freaking commercials managed to knock me out of the story's flow every time I started getting into it. After re-watching it the other day, though, it's starting to grow on me.

When Chuck began talking about all the Impala had meant to the boys over the years, I had this horrible epiphany (which turned out not to be true) that the Impala was going to die. I thought Dean'd use it to ram the Devil into Hell.

It would've been the perfect ending, if another season weren't scheduled. I get misty-eyed just thinking about it. I can see it resolving things for the boys in a way I doubt anything else ever could at this point.

Sis said she thought for a minute that Chuck was Gabriel (I wish!). Also a great idea. I could totally see him doing that. She also pointed out that there are in fact three angel brothers, and three Winchester brothers, and if anybody was ever born to be Gabriel's vessel, it's Dean. Which would've been awesome ("Hey, gimme a ride for a minute, Dean-o." *backstab!*), but ah well. It lives on in my mind.

But anyway, what bugged me about the whole thing at first... )

And info for next season. (Looks like good news for certain angel fans...) )
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Everything's falling apart around here today. This is resulting in a day where, despite the fact that I have a whole pile of work to do, I can't do any of it because none of my tools are functional.

And I'm pretty sure I've used that subject line before. Who cares? I love that poem.

I'm so far behind on LJ. I ran off and marinated myself in Fullmetal Alchemist for a week and a half, catching up on the manga storyline (which is almost finished, whooo things have gotten exciting!) and the new anime (which is available for free--if you don't mind English subtitles--and quite legally on FUNimation's official Youtube channel...which by the way also has a whole bunch of other good stuff).

Despite that, at this point the pop culture centers of my brain are mostly occupied by the fact that ONLY TWO SUPERNATURAL EPS LEFT omg. I still remember sitting down with my sister the evening the series premiered and being blown away by how I had never realized how much I wanted this show. We're having a viewing party the night of the finale. It'll be epic, so long as our cable doesn't randomly kick out.

Well, yes, they've signed on for one more season, which according to Robert Singer (the other exec producer) will be returning to the original formula of Monster + Winchesters = Kersplat, along with "brotherly relationship-building" tag. I guess it'll basically be the brothers putting themselves back together after all this.

So in conclusion, hey I'm still alive.
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I promise you that this will make you laugh, and it's completely clean, aside from Dean's usual mouth and Cas's attempts to curse.

From [ profile] ksock :  Everything I ever needed to know (I learned from MarioKart)

Castiel reads half of the books in Bobby's library in a day. He alphabetizes the rest by subject matter and Bobby nearly has a coronary.

your special angel friend, you keep him outta my books!" Bobby grinds out, pointing an accusing finger at Dean. "I had a system, dammit."

Which is probably how it all starts. There aren't many things in life Sam can blame on Bobby, usually they're the ones getting into trouble and he's the one getting them out of it. There's a first time for everything.

SPN 5x14

Feb. 12th, 2010 09:54 am
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What is it with my shows and eating, lately? Urg. Oh Master, you and your turkey look so innocuous now. OxO

But yay, finally Sam gets to be awesome again! And yay, Castiel! (Even if this was not his finest moment.) And oh, oh Dean

Other stuff that's spoilery. )
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Just in case you didn't realize.

Wow, we're coming into the home stretch. This'll be it; no more breaks, no more waiting, just the end. I'm looking forward to it and not, at the same time. It's always sad to have to part ways with a good story.

Kripke says he's got the guys on contract for one more season after this, but whether they'll do anything with it, he doesn't know (or he didn't, at the time). He also says he'd love to do a Western/horror series about Samuel Colt and the stuff he got up to that led to his creating the Colt. That'd be pretty sweet.
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I think Supernatural may be trying to kill me. XD That episode was a riot. The boys attend a convention for their own show! It's made even better by the fact that Becky's the fangirl's existence is considered personally offensive by some of the fans. I love Kripke and his "O HAI FANDOM I SEE U THAR!" antics.

(Also the thing about the gay couple at the end was really rather adorable.)

I find it terribly interesting to watch the dynamics of the whole media/fan base relationship, actually. I know it makes some people uncomfortable to be explicitly acknowledged like Kripke did here, because so much goes on in the grey areas of legal code, and so far those areas have been protected mainly by all involved looking the other way outside of certain protected spaces (like conventions). But the preservation of that depends on ignorance on the part of those who do care and wouldn't turn a blind eye if they knew, which is a state of affairs that isn't going to last forever. Network execs do now have the internets, after all, and can forward shifty URLs to their lawyers, and there's a whole new generation of scholars out there studying things like fanfiction and RPGs.

So eventually this stuff will get dragged out into the light one way or another. Sooner is probably better. Let the publishers and networks and whatnot see that this is business as usual: if you want a strong fanbase, this is what you can expect. If they connect it with earning them money (which it does, at least in the sense of it being good business not to alienate your most devoted customers), they'll protect it. Sure they need to protect their intellectual property, but arrangements can be worked out. Japan has had a pretty good system in place for years. In a larger sense, it's probably the only way to break out of the mess we've currently got with copyright.

Anyway, I'm done thinking. Back to trying not to screw off and actually get this blasted admissions letter written.


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