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My last two months:

  • Dad died

  • Needed to buy a new car pronto speedy quick

  • Biopsy (thankfully a false alarm)

  • Still dealing with Dad's estate

I haven't been posting much on Tumblr, either, just reblogging things so that people would feel like I was still alive.  I'm not sure it has worked.

Mostly right now I just want to rave about Star Wars: Rebels.  Maybe I will.  Every 10 years or so the Star Wars Feels resurface and I feel the desire to impose my Deep Star Wars Thoughts on my friends.
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Man... Fandoms come and go, and you get used to that. But the saddest part about a fandom's fall from its golden age is looking back and missing all those wild-eyed talents that made it so great.

I hope you guys are still out there, somewhere. Here's to you!
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This is what I've been working on recently. He saw me through a crummy week. I've got to admit, I'm kind of proud of this one--especially that lightning (which, okay, was technically kind of accidental), seeing as I've been trying to figure out how to do decent lightning for ages.

Of course, I'm also spotting the flaws already and working out how to do better next time, so you needn't fear for my swelled head. :D

The Mad Scientist
by *Bluesrat on deviantART

Also just figured out how to blog my pictures from DeviantArt, haha! Much better than the links.

(No, DeviantArt isn't some kinky sex site; it's just a gallery for artists. ;) I'd fear the whiny emo-munchkins more than I would the porn.)
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I HATES THEM. On my way to work this morning I had to dodge a barrage of nasty little buggers dangling from trees and trying to swing into my face. BLARGH. There are very few things in this world that I truly loathe, especially among things that're counted among the living (even though window wasps must die due to a critical incompatibility of lifestyles), but if all the gypsy moths would just up and die, I would not be displeased.

In other news, gosh & golly I'm stupid today! It's not unusual for me to forget to do things...but today I'm forgetting that I did do things. I ran around in panicked circles because I needed my insurance card for my car inspection! Only to discover I'd sensibly put it in the glove box a few weeks ago. Then when I got to work, I realized I was out of tea, so I quickly called my roommate to ask her to bring it in to work with her. But she couldn't find it, so I gave my bag another check and discovered I'd brought it after all. Knowing me far too well, she just sighed at me.

*sigh* And apparently my car will cost me a further $460 of repairs needed for my inspection to be approved. I'm going to try not to think about how much money I've put into my car this year so far.

To aid me in that, I give!

Kedrihm'Val--the last of my steampunk Star Wars: my character, the primitive Force Adept. He gets to be the stereotypical mystical savage that the civilized types have stuffed into appropriate clothing. :) What? There's always one in the stories!

Honestly, I'm so glad I did the steampunk Star Wars stuff. It was a lot of fun--highly amusing to those of us who actually play in that game--and I got a big kick out of how well the characters conform to the archetypes we're familiar with from Victorian literature. Well, neo-Victorian, really. But still, it was a good time.

Dr. Tillingtast bust--I've done a lot of stark lineart lately of the sort meant for coloring, so I felt the urge to do something a bit more pencilicious. A portrait of a fictional character, Dr. Tillingtast the evil Son of Ether.

Costuming practice--I see some artists who have an absolutely amazing facility with outfits for their characters. Comparatively, mine tend to come off as pretty bland. Well, if I want to get better, the only thing to do is practice practice practice! Also, I'm kind of pleased with her face as I have a habit of making my characters rather boringly Caucasian and that's definitely a rut I want to get out of. Why bury myself in a narrow range of facial features and skin tones when there are so many more possibilities out there?
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Good lord, when's the last time I did an art post? *checks tags* December? Well, I haven't been wildly productive since December (we all enter burnout sometime, I suppose).

But I've been having fun with that Steampunk Star Wars idea that's been going around. The other folks in our Star Wars gaming group prodded me into doing steampunk-style pictures of the characters.

Onna--the gun-toting diplomat and resident rich girl. She's the first picture I did, and it kinda shows. I've gotten a lot better at the steampunk aesthetic since I started working on these.

Ree--the Jedi.

Lydia--the Jedi's apprentice, who is, appropriately enough, an orphan from the streets.

Z--the wild-n-crazy bounty hunter who is in fact too much in love with his jet pack.

Oola--Twilek mechanic and one of the reasons I decided this needed to be done.

Dalt--ex-Dark Sider and crazy mad scientist inventor type. The other reason I decided this needed to be done. Also, this picture taught me the number one rule of steampunk art: when in doubt, add buckles. Irrational amounts of useless buckles.
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It snowed all weekend long. It was awesome! We got 3 or 4 inches on the cars, 1 or 2 on the ground, and none of it quite got around to sticking to roads or sidewalks. Everything's liberally frosted with beautiful white and it makes me happy. Also, it made me sleep really well. For some reason, I sleep wonderfully during snow storms.

Had a completely kick-ass session of our Star Wars game on Saturday (that's the D&D type of RPG, dear new readers, not a video game). Thanks to the work of our Tech, our PCs finally uncovered the Sith who'd been hiding in the Senate (not Palpatine; this is post-movies). While our Jedi dueled her through the skylanes and casinos of Coruscant, my Force-sensitive martial artist discovered that the Jedi who'd turned traitor on us had escaped incarceration (an ex-PC who used to be the Jedi's partner, to make things nice and personal). The two of them proceeded to Matrix-ninja-fight down a series of floating platforms while they fought over a book of Dark Side secrets that everyone was after. Meanwhile, our Tech rescued a starship full of passengers that the Sith had tried to hijack as an escape route, and she and our Noble cleared up the disaster the Sith had left in the Senate building. Something heroic for everyone, with lots of lightsabers and kung-fu action all around, it was the kind of cinematic goodness that leaves you running high for a few days because it all just worked so well.

Watched most of Dragonheart on the SciFi Channel yesterday. It wasn't quite as visually impressive as I remember it being (it's been a few years since I saw it last, long enough for f/x to improve), and the plot was more patchy than I'd recalled, but I loved Draco and Bowen just as much as ever. It's such a sweet movie. I caught the whole thing except the end, which is okay because the end makes me cry.

In college football, I continued to be amused by the inability of anyone to remain in the top 5 for more than two weeks. LSU finally ends up at #1, which I think they deserve (they certainly earned their way to it), and #2 will probably end up being either Kansas or Oklahoma, depending on who wins their game next week. Not as optimal as I'd hoped: I was rooting for some little no-name schools to hit the jackpot so I could watch the collective heads of the sports writers explode on-camera. We've proved the BCS doesn't work, people. Console yourselves with your brand-name teams while you can; sooner or later we'll have a playoff system and your pet schools won't automatically be victorious anymore.

Yes, I'm a Penn State fan. It could be argued that we're a brand-name team. On the other hand, we're a decidedly hated brand-name team that routinely gets cheated. I think if we had a fair shake, we'd earn our victories (though admittedly, not when our guys keep handing the ball to the other team). Maybe I'm wrong, but at least we'd know, yes?

Was awakened at 4 am this morning for a reason I couldn't define. My room looked indefinably strange. Couldn't place it. Looked at my clock to check the time, and the power was out. Looked out my window and realized there wasn't a light to be seen from our hilltop to the next one. The HVAC unit on the hotel that rests not 50 feet from my back door (take note, those of you who may wish to come visit) always whirrs gently in the night, sounding like quiet, stable crickets. It'd gone dead. The fans in my roommates' rooms had shut down, and the almost subliminal house-noises of heating units and hot water pipes were gone. That's what woke me up. Sudden dead silence.

I reveled in the unusual snowy darkness for a little while, then set my watch alarm and went back to sleep while roommates bustled quietly about trying to arrange things so they'd be able to get up and get ready for work if the power didn't come back on by 6 am. It came back on around 7:30, to judge from the time on my clock when I next woke. No idea what happened, but it was neat.
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Librarians are famous for loving their conferences. Thanks to the tireless nagging of our Associate Dean, Sally Kalin, the Pennsylvania Library Association is hosting their bajillion-and-second annual conference here at Penn State. It started on Sunday. They've never held it here before. It's always been in Philadelphia, Lancaster, or Pittsburgh. So, this is quite a coup--or something--and our particular department got volunteered to help make it as awesome and impressive and repeatable as possible.

Among other things, this means we've spent the last two weeks running around like we were fighting a zombie attack, designing posters, signage, banners (apparently they've never had a banner before, or a graphic theme, which leads me to believe that impressing the hell out of this group won't be terribly difficult), brochures, and whatever other printed materials a librarian's conference needs in order to function. Another thing we have that they've never had before for a PaLA conference is modern, standardized equipment. Y'know, laptops that dependably have functional software, that sort of thing. We also got volunteered as the A/V staff, since the conference center here charges extra for the service of their technical staff and equipment, and the PaLA doesn't exactly have an overabundance of money.

Most of which I mention because it amuses me.

Anyway, I'll be working A/V tomorrow, and alternately delighting in the chaos and screaming at the ineptitude of our Luddite bindery staff, who for some inexplicable reason our department head decided would be helping in the A/V duties (bindery supervisor managed to jam the blinds in one room through her panicked random button pushing, when no one had asked her to meddle with the blinds at all; God help us if she gets near an actual computer). But since Penn State's libraries have decided it'd be a crime for a locally hosted conference to go to waste, they're actually footing the bill for any and all library personnel to get themselves registered and attend at least a day of the conference on university money.

I went yesterday, and by God, it was actually a lot of fun. )

Humanity online and what could become of us? )

PrettyArbitrary dramatically switches gears and talks about her own future. )

* They say the hyphen is dying? Not on my watch!

Oh, I almost forgot! Two YouTube videos to amuse you.
Snowball the rockin' cockatoo--my sister sent me this.

Darth Vader turns out to be hip after all--this one is my dad's fault.

And! I forgot to brag. Our stove has been dying the slow death for quite some time, and then last week I...uh, kinda...set the washing machine on fire. Sort of! Okay, well really it was just smoking. They said it was probably the belt. ANYWAY! Point being that we've had our appliances attended to. Washing machine isn't fixed yet, but what we do have is a nice, shiny AWESOME new stove! Sleek black thing with a flat top range...our kitchen is now handsome. It cooks hot, fast, and, I gotta get to some baking.

Point being, I brag about the new stove. And also, our kitchen has, ever since we moved in, occasionally displayed an odd funk. Nothing we could pinpoint, not bad or strong, just...present sometimes. Well, when they pulled out the old stove, it turned out...(Kashyk, if you're reading this, you may just want to stop here).

See, the guys who lived there before us had a pet ball python. The python escaped and went missing at one point (you can tell this is going nowhere good, can't you?). It was never heard from again.

Until Monday, when they pulled out the old stove and found that it had apparently crawled up underneath to get warm, where it was...less mummified, more petrified, and proceeded to funk up the place for four years.

In other news, on Sunday I baked fresh bread (used kosher salt, turns out that in the future I need to be a bit more liberal with that as the bread ended up undersalted). I also pretty much invented a tomato sauce recipe. Well, less invented, more followed an age-old pattern using all fresh ingredients, starting with fresh-picked tomatoes. It went down a big hit with the roommates, so I'll probably tinker, work the bugs out and make it more regularly.

Perhaps I should add that both of those were on the old stove.
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Really. Ineffably cool. It is. Courtesy of [ profile] etherlad.

Now, as you may know, I'm a sucker for tea. I drink it all the time. I love trying different kinds. So now, I'm doomed. I've begun looking at online tea catalogues (huh, ever notice that sometimes I inexplicably use the British spelling for things?), and I've noticed that many of them sell little sampler tins for about $5 each, or whole sampler packs for $10-$20. Yeah, it seems so inexpensive, doesn't it? Doomed, I tell you!

So, uh, got any recommendations for me? I'm a particular fan of milder teas without much of a tannin bite, like greens, oolongs, and whites, but I don't turn down the occasional Earl Grey or Russian Caravan.
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They can't find anything wrong with my car. You'd expect this to be good news, except that it means there's something wrong with my car and no one knows what, which means it might well do whatever-it-is again...possibly on, say, a long trip home for Christmas. Blarg.

I forgot to submit my time card last week, and didn't notice till last night, which means I'm missing a pay period. I'll be January. *sigh* My own stupid fault. It's all right, this is why we have savings accounts. But it's annoying, and stupid, and I have embarrassed myself in front of the entire Human Resources department. Not my benchmark week.

Well, well. Not all is despair and bleakness. Office party yesterday; it was great fun and the pizza was top-notch. Also, I have an honest-to-god idea for a story. A novel! It's got a plot and everything! (Plots are my weak point, I've found.) I've learned not to promise such things, but if I can get it together enough to produce coherent samples, I could share some with you lovely folks. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get feedback on it anyway, just in case it starts shaping up to be embarrassingly cliched. They do have a way of sneaking up on you unnoticed, do cliches, and having extra eyes to spot them is no bad thing.

In the meantime, for those of you who enjoy such things, I'm putting together another gaming blog, for my sister's Iron Kingdoms game. Shhhh, it's a secret. I'll share the link when there's more to look at than a background. Iron Kingdoms is an amazing setting (it's d20, but one of those customized d20 games where it's been jiggered to fit specifically with the needs of the--extremely coherent, atmospheric, and balanced--setting), and my sister is a thoroughly spectacular GM. I hope great and probably overweening things for this blog, involving edgy piratical writing styles you should probably hope I don't get around to trying. Sometimes, fading attention spans are a good thing.

The Star Wars gaming blog, again for those of you who enjoy such things, is now prominently displayed in my Links list. *points upward* ( It's up-to-date. I caught up on a couple of entries I'd fallen behind on, and the new sessions are posted.

My Twerp* has a revolting flu that deserves to be kicked in the face like a space-hobo, from which my other roommates are only now on the mend. Poor things, all of 'em. Not a one of them has a lick of sense when it comes to taking a day off work, but I love the poor sods nonetheless. Foolish creatures that they are.

* That's my sister, remember?
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And it's not even all Star Wars.

I found a tutorial online, and since I've been getting as tired of black and white sketches as I imagine you guys are, I figured I'd try polishing it up a bit.

Villains aren't always stylish. Okay, this one's Star Wars. But he's a dorky bad guy! How can you not love him?

Sparring. The LONG-promised fanart. In the faraway times, back in the long long ago, I told some fellow Coldfire fans that I'd draw these two. Anyone who knows of whom I speak is probably gone already. For the rest of you, swordfighting!
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Now you don't need to read The Da Vinci Code to know all about the book!

Q&A from a Big-Time Internet Theologian.

Also, for those of you who like the art: Star Wars again. I'm sorry! I can't get it out of my head!
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Right, so some of you wanted to read more, and I've been putting together a Star Wars blog for our game so that all the players could keep track more easily. It's got character pictures and everything.

Scanning an 800-page book is surprisingly boring.
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After that, they went to the planet Mon Mothma is from (Chandrila, that's what it was called! known as the most disgustingly perfect place in the galaxy), and unearthed a whole bunch of weirdness.

The city they were in turned out to have a thoroughly corrupt and infiltrated local government. They found out that Dalt (again) was supposedly working as a government official, broke into the building to try to learn more about him (he'd supposedly been there since before they killed the first Dalt), and got dropped into a weirdo underground maze that'd been especially designed to deal with them. This didn't take long to deal with, once Ree realized she could just cut through the floors with her lightsaber, and they hit the control room, chased out a whole bunch of people with lightsabers, and went back upstairs, where they found Dalt trying to cause trouble.  Except he had exposed circuits hanging out of a wound on his head. Apparently, he was a fake robo-Dalt who'd gone a bit bonkers from an injury he'd taken.

Ooookay.  Well, they dealt with him, then quickly figured out that the entire city government was totally bought out. Before they could do anything about that, SAR took the ship and blew the corrupt officials all to kingdom come, along with the council hall where they'd all congregated (because SAR had put out a fake emergency-assembly call for them to gather there). People were disturbed and alarmed by this, but a little less so once they went through robo-Dalt's office and discovered that the whole batch of them had been part of some weird Dark Side cult. They don't seem to have been anything significant, really--about the equivalent of kooky Victorians dancing around something vaguely resembling a pentagram and chanting, "Hastur Hastur Hastur." Nothing actually happens, except that Dalt gets an ego boost. But they were pretty unpleasant.

Still, the GM offered this timely warning: "I don't usually give OOC advice for this sort of thing, but don't let that droid fly the ship."

So they turned that mess over to the Republic (who was beginning to both anticipate and fear their updates), then went back to investigating. The stuff they found in the robo-Dalt's office clued them in on their next stop. On this trip, they didn't get Erin, but they did get a Jedi Investigator. On the next planet, they found a bunch of children who'd already been mucked with so they were brainwashed little evil Jedi children.  And Dalt.  Yet AGAIN.  And an ancient Jedi temple that'd been buried for god knows how long. Dalt took his little demon-children hostage, and forced the group to surrender, then trapped them in the temple. Unfortunately for him, he didn't reckon on Oola and Lydia, who had stayed outside to keep an eye on things. They got the others free, killed Dalt (again), and managed to deal with the children, whom they delivered back to people who could help them, and let the Jedi Council know about the temple. The Investigator stayed there with the poor, messed-up kids and the temple, which seemed to calm them and help break the conditioning.

Oh. Before they killed him, they were able to get some info out of Dalt, who mentioned robot and clone copies of him, and verified some things about the Jedi-child army and working with Dathomir. The man likes to talk.
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And then it was this one.

The Council wanted them to look into reports of disappearing children on some planet.  They met Erin the investigator, and Zee (who'd been hired on as muscle), ended up investigating reports of disappearing children, starting a barfight in a cantina...

That was great, by the way. Zee walked up to some random guy and asked, "Is your name Sunstrider?"  The very confused man said, "No."  "Good," said Zee, then punched him and overturned his table.  They did this because they needed to drive out the guy they wanted to capture and interrogate.  The group waited outside till the dude got pitched out the window, grabbed him and dragged him off to the authorities.

...and then they started a gang war.  They had to, see, because this one gang had a bunch of kids they wanted to rescue.  So the characters knocked out a bunch of thugs, jacked their ride, and went to vandalize the HQ of the gang in question.  Didn't take much; they just beat up a few people, stole the cargo the children were hidden in, and then shouted, "Red Scorpions SUCK!" or something like that as they ran off.

Oh, yeah, the coherent part.  They went to investigate these disappearing kids.  They found out most of the kids were Force-sensitive, and got clues that the Empire was behind it (from the kids they rescued who were about to be shipped off).  While rescuing kids, they found a little girl named Lydia.  Lydia was a member of the...Melodie race, or something.  They're amphibious, living on land as kids, and at a certain age (15 or so) they grow tails and return to the ocean.  Lydia was Force-sensitive and an orphan so far as she knew.  For a while, she'd been watched over by an old Jedi, but he'd died a while back (killed, I think).  

Since then, Lydia had been hiding in a cave complex, rescuing whatever kids she could and hiding out with them.  The group found them and was able to talk them into coming out so they could return them to their families.  Lydia came with the group, because she wanted to learn to be a Jedi and had nowhere else to go.  Besides, she thought she could be useful since they were dealing with children.

Following the trail took them to Tatooine, where they found a fairly good-sized Imperial base out in the desert.  They beat up some Stormtroopers, and got one real cooperative guy named Zann who told them everything--and I mean <i>everything</i>.  That guy seriously started spilling his guts, and he really didn't give a damn.  Just started spewing stuff like "Oh, if you want to infiltrate the base, you'll want to take down these numbers," and stuff like that, which elicited from the other Troopers the quickly-immortalized phrase, "Goddamnit, Zan!"

Anyway, they stole the Troopers' uniforms and used them to sneak in the base, where they saved more kids, found a whole swarm of ysalamiri (which can block the Force in an area), and a Dathomir Force witch (there's a tradition of Force-using sorceresses on Dathomir who're fairly badass and mostly evil).  Here, Kedrihm'val blew it.  He accidentally ran into the Force witch, who said, "Zan, you're feeling awfully Force-sensitive today," and then Zee knocked her out from behind and they all ran for it.

After getting safely away and calling the authorities (galactic authorities, not Tatooine; that place is more corrupt that six-month old milk), they put some things together and figured the Imperial remnant might be working with the Force witches to put together some kind of Force-sensitive army...or something.  Okay, they were stretching a bit, but it did seem to be going in that direction.  The non-Force sensitives were apparently just getting sold into slavery.  Poor things.

After this adventure, everybody got called before the Jedi Council (which they found a bit odd).  Ree was given praise and no one gave her a straight answer to her question, "I'm a Padawan, why are you having me roam around by myself like this?!"  Drath was sent off, discretionary training.   

The others were paid nicely, except for Kedrihm'val, who gave his story.  He was from a very backwater planet that didn't even muck with technology much, and back during the Empire's reign, the Emperor had gone and done something to his planet.  The whole world was cursed, tainted with Dark Side energy, and it was starting to really mess up his people.  He wanted the Jedi to help him figure out what was going wrong, and maybe a way to fix it.  They said they'd look into it if he'd keep helping out with this child slavery ring.
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Here we go. This should make more sense, for those who were confused by my last entry. That was supposed to be set to private till I could doulbe-check some things.

We're running a d20 Star Wars game that's been a lot of fun so far, and it occurred to me that maybe I should start doing writeups of the session, in case other people find it amusing as well.  We've played quite a few sessions so far, and I might forget things, but I'll try to tell the story so far.

The setting is the New Republic, some 15 years after the Rebellion's victory.  We're totally ignoring the existence of the Yuuzhen Vong, and if you don't know what those are, more power to you.  From here out, we write the history, not the novels.

The characters:
Ree--a human Jedi apprentice, she was quickly adopted (against her will) as the de facto leader of the group, mostly due to her being a Jedi (though she is quick to add, "I'm only an apprentice!").
Drath--a Zabrak Jedi apprentice (those're the guys like Darth Maul, with the crown of horns), Drath is...well, the player asked, "Can I play a dark Jedi?"  And the GM said, " can start as a Jedi and <i>become</i> dark.  You'd better make another character too."  Drath is violent and impulsive, but he's not entirely unlikable and he's nice to have on your side.
Zee--a simple human mercenary, and the other character played by Drath's player.   It's not problematic, since the player is often not around anyway.  Often as not, whichever of these two is around is run by the GM.
Kedrihm'Val--a more-or-less human Force Adept (Force-using non-Jedi) from a planet called Abindosan.  My character, and his will be the POV, insofar as it's required.
Oola--a Twilek Tech Specialist, who specializes in computers and droids.  Has a huge network of family connections.Onna--a human noble.  She's the one who tends to finance their exploits.
Erin--a New Republic Investigator from...crud, I can't recall what planet, but she's a near-human species that's exceptionally good at reading body language.  They can seem almost empathic. Erin is an NPC.
SAR--Onna's personal droid.  SAR used to be a medical droid, but got reprogrammed as a protocol droid.  The process was flawed, however, and he's developed multiple personalities and a somewhat homicidal temperament toward those he doesn't like. 

The characters are travelling on a ship transporting entertainers to a festival on Coruscant.  Terrorist threats have been made, so some of the characters have been hired or appointed by the New Republic to keep an eye on things in case of trouble, while others are simply there because they're heading that way.

And trouble does indeed rear its head, though not in the form they were expecting.  People begin dying, Force-choked to death, and seemingly, the killer has been feeding on the power of their life energy.  After Drath mind-whammies a few people with unnerving casualness, suspicion briefly falls on him, but it soon swings away to a man named Ezrim Dalt--a comedic playwright travelling with a theatre group.  At one point, the animals break loose, and they're all got back into their cages except for some very curious monkeys. 

After some detective work, Dalt is revealed to be a dark Jedi, there to steal a very old book permeated with the power of the Dark Side.  The lightsabers come out, and Drath and Ree engage in a running lightsaber battle against Dalt in the hallways.  With Dalt on the run from the young Jedi-hopefuls, they discover that he has rigged the ship.  Oola saves the day by sending her droids into the ventilation ducts to take control of the bridge, while Kedrihm'val does a flying kick into the fleeing Dalt's face to make him drop the book, then mentally commands one of those monkeys to retrieve it before Dalt can lay his hands on the thing.  Good thing, because that book can possess any creature that picks it up!  Fighting a monkey is much easier than fighting a person, and the book is soon fetched and safely bagged.  Dalt dies by his own blade courtesy of Drath, and after that normalcy is restored.  The remaining entertainers have quite a story to tell when they get to their destination, and the characters are rewarded for their pains.

We learn, in this first adventure, that Oola is sneaky, Ree is responsible and friendly, Drath, a bit "enthusiastic," and Kedrihm'val knows almost nothing about modern technology.  Zee and Erin haven't made their appearances yet.

The New Republic is pleased, and the characters who were involved are recruited for another mission, with the promise of payment.  Kedrihm'val draws attention to himself by requesting a meeting with the Jedi Council, rather than money.

Geek news!

May. 4th, 2006 01:00 pm
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Two things.

First, if you didn't know, iTunes is now carrying the Final Fantasy albums and related stuffies. I'm doomed. DOOMED.

Second, LucasFilm is releasing the ORIGINAL Star Wars on DVD! Now where do I pre-order this thing...?
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My VCR died on me yesterday. Well. Let's be honest: my VCR got sick yesterday while trying to digest one of my Star Wars tapes, and I killed it to get the movie back. Yes, it's true. I ruined that casing with my anger.

(Yes, I still had a VCR. Shut up. It shall be honored and mourned, for that sucker lasted me ten years, and I bought it second-hand.)

So, after a bit of research, I bought a VCR/DVD recorder. It was (substantially) on sale, so it cost about the same price as anything else in the same general electronic family. Still, it was a lot of money for an unplanned purchase--at least for me. My finances are not in a state where I can casually drop $100 on something I wasn't expecting to get when I woke up that morning. But I like it. It was worth it...except that it won't copy my Star Wars movies (which are the 1996-or-something THX releases, before the silver boxed set where Lucas started changing things, and well before the gold boxed set where he defiled the corpse of his movies. I'm a purist; so sue me). Stupid copy protection. They're my movies, damn it. I bought them fair and square. Fair use allows me to have a copy for my own purposes.

Well, maybe I can find digital copies online, or something. :P

In other news: every house I've ever lived in, I get wasps in the freaking windows. What the hell?! I mean, I'm not allergic (though my roommate is, and I get very concerned for his sake), but it's just irritating! Do you have any idea how many wasps I've killed in my not-substantial lifetime? Probably you haven't met that many people in your life. I swear, someday far in the future, they'll look back and wonder what evolutionary force could possibly have cut off the window-wasp genus before it ever really got started. "It seemed so likely," biologists will say, "and then they just...disappeared." And down through the eons, I'll laugh, knowing that it was me and my shoe. The little bastards never stood a chance.

And yet, some small part of me feels bad. They're just trying to find a place to live, after all, and they only sting me because I put my arm unsuspectingly down on my pillow without expecting one of the little buggers to be lurking there. >:O At ONE A.M. God, I hate wasps. GET OUT OF MY WINDOW, YOU LITTLE BOLLICKERS. Is that a word? Estelle, is that a word?

I'm in a weird mood. Maybe it was the wasp venom.

Oh. Very amusing though thoroughly irrelevant link: Porn 's Next Web Move Spooks Hollywood. Har.  Funny on many levels.
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ursulav: The Gospel of Judas: she's as funny in her LJ as she is in her art.

Speaking of art:

deviantART: Kedhrim'Val--a Star Wars character of mine.

deviantART: Cannibal Fairy Princess--drawn by request from my sister, who is thoroughly enjoying her 'recovering invalid' status. ;) Don't worry, I'm not spoiling her too much. I harass her frequently, to help her build strength and muscle. Heh.

deviantART: 18th Century Gentleman--Marc, this one is for you. Is it anything like what you were looking for? I screwed up on the coat a bit, I'm afraid, but if this looks like your Count, then I'll see if I can fix that and add in his waistcoat. If you want his hair (a wig, since you seemed to want period) or facial features changed, I can do that too, without too much trouble.  If you like this, then I think I may indeed color it.

I gave up on whatever he's fingering. I tried a few different things, and it just wasn't coming to me. )


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