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Man... Fandoms come and go, and you get used to that. But the saddest part about a fandom's fall from its golden age is looking back and missing all those wild-eyed talents that made it so great.

I hope you guys are still out there, somewhere. Here's to you!
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From [ profile] theglen, of "Things Mr. Welch can no longer do in an RPG" list fame, comes...

(To the tune of the Muppet Show Theme)


It's time to wake the Old Ones
It's time the stars are right
It's time to call Cthulhu
On the Lovecraft Show tonight!

It's time to worship Hastur
It's time to die of fright
All hail the King in Yellow
On the Lovecraft Show tonight!

Why do we always come here?
It costs us sanity
When cultists chant Ftaghn
Or scream Tekeli-li!

So let's summon Ithaqua!
We'll all summon Ithaqua!
Nothing rhymes with Ithaqua!
On the most mind shattering, bloodstain spattering, insane chattering, time/space tattering...
This is what we call the Lovecraft Show!!!
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How wrong is it?

It's this wrong!

The Dunwich Horror
by *Bluesrat on deviantART

A three-month art drought and this is what I come up with... You can blame this on [ profile] whiteadelphi. She inspired it.
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A couple of years ago, Library of America released a volume of Lovecraft's tales, Neil Gaiman said on his blog was unexpectedly awesome, because the stories had been re-edited and now they worked. Somebody finally got it for me for Christmas this year, and what with one thing and another, I only just got around to reading it.

Lovecraft can really write, y'all! He's actually scary! The first story in the anthology is "The Statement of Randolph Carter," which if you know Lovecraft you're sniggering up your sleeve at. Only it was actually creepy, and the stupid thing at the end worked!

See, what happened was that Lovecraft only published most of his stories once, in the old weird pulp rags. When he died, a guy named August Derleth dug 'em all out and republished them so they wouldn't be lost. Only, Derleth was possibly the first fanboy. Like Russel T. Davies with Doctor Who, we owe him a debt of gratitude for keeping it alive, but he wrecked things up in the process. Lovecraft never had a structured vision of his continuity. Derleth added all that in. He re-edited Lovecraft's work to make it fit his vision of how he thought the Cthulhu mythos should work--and in addition, he was just a bad editor--and that's what we've all been reading all these years. The truth is, chances are better than 9 out of 10 that you've never read real Lovecraft.

So a while back, S. T. Joshi dug up the original published versions of Lovecraft's stories from old Weird Tales magazines and stuff, cleaned them up, and published them. The Library of America anthology uses these versions--Lovecraft's version, which are far more subtle, well-composed, and way less purple than Derleth's re-edits. Also (almost sadly), Lovecraft was not in fact as fond of words like "cyclopean" and "squamous" as Derleth has led us to believe.

Joshi corrected a lot more than what made it into the Library of America edition. There's also The Annotated H. P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Tales, and he went around and collected Lovecraft's correspondence and essays into published volumes too, which we have here in the library and which are surprisingly interesting reading--though I have no idea how the man managed to write so many letters.
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Oi, you lot! Go download the free mp3 reading of Neil Gaiman's "A Study in Emerald", a short story in which, well, there's Sherlock Holmes and the Great Old Ones.
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This was published in 1994. If you, like me, did not know about it until now, then the internet has failed you as well.

Honestly. Fourteen years of not knowing that somebody wrote a story about Sherlock Holmes and the Doctor teaming up on the Orient Express to stop Cthulhu. Where is the justice?!
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This has always been one of my favorite RPGs of all time (this and VI are my favorite FF games). So now....Final Fantasy IV remake.

I agree with that reviewer. "I'm okay with SE totally whoring out this franchise so long as it continues to do so in this general direction." Exactly, reviewer dude. Exactly.

In other news, we caught our kitchen on fire the other night. That sounds spectacular, which is why I wanted to say it, but really it was just a little grease fire, of the sort you sometimes get when you're frying or grilling. The fire extinguisher got crap all over the place, though. It was a beast to clean up.

The chicken fingers, however, turned out spectacularly.

SPEAKING OF COOKING! Nate_Prentice just showed me this little beauty: Eater of souls, roaster of dogs.

Also: fine, fine! My birthday's up in my profile now. Happy, LJ? I only left it out to avoid the embarrassment of having half my f-list descend upon me in annual birthday wishes and most of the other half apologizing to me for a week after for missing it.
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Computer still hosed, BIOS froze up on me, this could be a problem.

In other, more horrific news, however, someone at Origins is running a...a...Call of Cthulhu/SpongeBob Squarepants game. I need to go find a new brain.
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You know you've got the right Friends List when this turns up on four of their LJs at once.

Naturally I had to see what I'd get from Cthulhu this year.

Oh Great Cthulhu!

I have been an extremely assiduous devotee this year.

In May, I wore an Elder Sign (-10 points). Yesterday, I fed [info]jachilli to a Shoggoth (250 points). In July, I stopped [info]innocent_man from defiling Lovecraft's grave (-20 points). In March, I defiled the grave of that traitor, Lovecraft (90 points). In November, I made a burnt offering to the Dead Dreamer (100 points). In September, I rescued [info]sinisterf from being sacrificed (-200 points).

In short, I have been very good (210 points) and deserve to get hooked up with one of those cute Innsmouthers.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Submit your own plea to Cthulhu!

Sorry about that, Matt, but I needed the extra points from doing it myself. I'm sure you've done loads of nefarious things this year. Your kiddo's growing up to be a terrific ghoul, after all! She's started so young; you must be awfully proud. :)

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Do you like Neil Gaiman? How about Cthulhu? If the answer to both of those is "Yes!" then check out this blog: [ profile] gaiman_cthulhu

That's all I've got.

No, wait! It's not! Woohoo, I now have two editing jobs lined up. :) The first (actually the second I was hired for) begins within a week, and is a novella a woman wants me to prime for publication. The second...well, I think I might've emoted about that already. If not, Eos Press is interested in having me edit an upcoming RPG supplement. That'll start sometime in late August, most likely, or possibly early September.

Freaky, isn't it? It's starting to look like I might develop a career and stuff. Not that I'm quitting my day job anytime soon. PrettyArbitrary =/= stupid.

EDIT: Oh, I promised I'd post this when I got hold of it. The picture of my sister and me with the Iron Lich, from Origins.
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My sister gave me an early Christmas present: a CD called A Very Scary Solstice, and it's all Christmas songs that have been re-worded according to HP Lovecraft's stories.

Here are the lyrics to 'The Shoggoth Song' (like the Dreidel Song, except you're spinning a shape-shifting brain-sucking cosmic monster):

I had a little shoggoth
I conjured up one day.
I used an elder sigil
So shoggoth and I play.

Shoggoth, shoggoth, shoggoth
With mouths and pseudopods.
Shoggoth, shoggoth, shoggoth,
Foul creature of the gods.

One day while we were playing
My monstrous pal broke free.
I'd dropped the elder sigil,
Lil' Shoggy turned on me.

Shoggoth, shoggoth, shoggoth
He ripped me to a shred.
Shoggoth, shoggoth, shoggoth
We played and now I'm dead.

Other examples include 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth,' 'It's the Most Horrible Time of the Year,' and 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fish-men.'
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I amNyarlathotep!

The 999 forms of Nyarlathotep are a point of meditation for the true initiate. It is through these manifold faces that the secrets of the universe are made known. Called "The Crawling Chaos", Nyarlathotep is the disembodied ego of Azathoth and thus the universal "I" of known reality. Some of the many documented forms are; Father of Knives, Nephren-Ka, the Black Man, the Beast of the Lashing Tongue to name a few.

Which Great Old One are you?


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