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Man... Fandoms come and go, and you get used to that. But the saddest part about a fandom's fall from its golden age is looking back and missing all those wild-eyed talents that made it so great.

I hope you guys are still out there, somewhere. Here's to you!


May. 1st, 2015 09:56 pm
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I'm here, I'M HERE. I swear it's like I can't keep track of two websites at once these days.

So. Netflix's Daredevil. Who's watched it? LET US DISCUSS.
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Originally posted by [ profile] otw_staff at International Fanworks Day Drabble Challenge
Banner by Ania of various fanworks including cosplay, text, and visual art
Ready for a challenge? The Organization for Transformative Works is issuing one for short-form fanworks to celebrate International Fanworks Day! It's the first-ever IFD Drabble Challenge

The OTW wants to pay homage to fandoms with our very own day of recognition. ^_^
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It occurred to me that my international fellow Grimm peeps might not realize that Grimm being set in Portland is an in-joke.  Or a cultural commentary.  Kind of a bit of both.

Portland, Oregon is known as one of the great hipster enclaves of the US. One of the city slogans is "Keep Portland weird."  (Originally meant as a campaign to support Portland's idiosyncratic locally-owned businesses, but...well, it was embraced.) It's brimming over with counter-culture liberal hippies, weird artists and master artisans who practice the finer points of now-obscure trades everybody else in the US long ago gave over to mass manufacturing. Here is a brief story about Portland, a place where a singing taco on roller skates doesn't really surprise people.

In particular, Monroe: a flannel-wearing, gourmet-coffee-swilling, environmentally-concerned clockmaking werewolf with a passion for quirky family history and Old World memorabilia, who manages his 'inner wolf' via a vaguely New Age regimen of pilates and vegetarianism...  Honestly, if you take out the word 'werewolf' he's a quintessential Portlandian.  He's basically your typical Portlandian who also just happens to be a werewolf (hey, Portlandians don't judge; everybody's got their thing).

(There's a love of flannel that will not die in the Pacific Northwest.  It's such a perfect antidote to the damp, chilly winters they get up there.)

And there's a reason Rosalee and her alternative medicine spice shop with its trade in non-illegal mind-altering drugs doesn't turn heads.  It's far from the only one of those to be found in the city.

Also, the coffee.  You might have noticed everybody on the show is coffee-crazed (I mean, aside from the fact that half of them are either cops or medical professionals). Portland is one of the lynchpin cities in a belt of connoisseur coffee obsession that runs along the coast of the Pacific Northwest from northern California up into Canada.  Same goes for craft beers and microbrews.  Perhaps this is the reason Portland seems to attract so many specifically central European monster types; a migrating people can live without a lot of things, but good beer is hard to leave behind.

So really, if there's any city in the US that seems likely to play host to ethnic monster enclaves grappling to meld tradition with a monster version of the modern American dream, it's probably Portland.
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Did I forget to do my last Three Good Things entry?  I did!  Well, extra perspective, I guess.  Of course, so little happened Sunday that I feel sort of like I don't have three things to list.

1: BUT WAIT, that was one of the good things!

2: Also, my sister made leek and potato soup.  God I love this soup.  It's buttery and tangy and filling and just so good.

3: I got back to (some of) my roots by binging on Transformers comics.  I've always loved Transformers.  Even though the old cartoon was simplistic, even as a kid I could see there was so much potential in the idea of a race of ancient alien robots fighting a war of millennia across the stars.  And while Michael Bay's movies are certainly not a place to find much of that potential realized, in comics there have been some really great attempts.  A now-defunct comics publisher called Dreamwave made a really good, interesting attempt at it several years ago, including a version of Megatron who owned a certain brand of warrior mysticism to go along with Optimus Prime as both military and spiritual leader of his people. These days, IDW has the rights--which is splendid because IDW does one hell of a comic, with smart writing and art high-quality art and printing.

So, I dove back into the digital collection of issues I've accumulated over time.  (Gave myself an annoying virus when I installed a reader for the file format they're stored in.)   The psychology of a species that never dies of old age and is also hard to kill otherwise. The culture and caste systems that might evolve over millions of years with minimal turnover in population.  Alien robot mysticism!  Alien robot gender!  (They've got individuals that ID as 'female' but it's not like they actually have sexes.  No, seriously, they've got a spotlight issue devoted to a transgender Transformer.) Plus, now and again a deft touch of the dystopian horror of a war that has lasted for longer than entire geological ages of the earth and left their own home planet a shattered, lifeless husk.  Perhaps most interesting is seeing what ancient alien robots might consider body horror.  It's not breaking the boundaries of sci-fi or anything, but it's so satisfying to read stories exploring the same sorts of things my imagination went cruising after.
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Rock on.  Man, I wish 10,000 words wasn't like an entire NaNoWriMo for me.

Originally posted by [ profile] spikedluv at Announcement: Small Fandoms Bang Open for Author Sign-Ups!
[ profile] smallfandombang, the big bang for small fandoms, is open for Round Four!

All small fandoms (once they have been verified as small) qualify, and there is no requirement that you have to have written a long fic before you sign up. Also, the min is only 10,000 words and we give you plenty of time to get your fic written.

Author sign-ups are open now, so check it out! *g* (Artist sign-ups open November 1st.)


A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!

FAQ | Rules |Authors | Beta/Cheerleader | Affiliate

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I wish you could merge Livejournals, because I am over the days when I felt shy about writing genderswap tentacle-sex porn.

Also I think all my followers who would have been scandalized by this have stopped using LJ, soooooo.

Originally posted by [ profile] arbitrary_fic at BBC Sherlock fic: Six
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: NC-17
Tags & Warnings: Omegaverse, tentacles, sexswap
Notes: Written for michi_thekiller. Betaed by the always delightful LapOtter!

Sherlock and Jonnie both gasped and jerked as another of Sherlock’s knots popped into her.
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{ visit my post } { visit the thread }

LJ is so quiet these days, but there are still lots of active people out there! You just have to find them.
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Rediscovering the pains of tiny fandoms. Oh, BBC Sherlock, how you have spoiled me.
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Well, it's a day late and a dollar short, but here's the SH fanfic I said I'd post. I had to break this bastard down and reassemble it four times, because these boys just didn't want to cooperate.

Fandom: Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Pairing: Nicholai/Yuri (Puera)
NC-17ism ahead.
Oh yeah, and I don't own these guys or anything related to them (much to my sorrow).

I warn you, this thing has no real plot, contains highly descriptive smut, hatesex, weird kinkiness, and...well, I can't in all good conscience call this 'consensual,' even if Yuri's begging by the end. Hopefully it does not contain bad writing. I've never written graphic sex before, so please be kind if it sucks, and tell me how to fix it. Hell, let me know if you like it too. Or if you like it and the writing sucks. :)

Killing you isn't enough. )


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