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Testing crosspost of a post with images, this time. This here's a digital illustration I did of Gerald Tarrant, from CS Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy.
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Sherlock-John in a bedsheet

The bedsheet imbalance was catastrophic and needed redress.
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Sherlock and John as cowboys, because of teahigh.

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My entry for the Tumblr-infamous Red Thong Monday, in honor of reapersun.

Totally NSFW )
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For cranberryloops, who has been wanting John in corset and dress pants as much as I have ever since I read her story.

John in a Corset

Reference photo here.
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Illustration for chapter 3 of [ profile] bendingsignpost's Sherlock fanfic, Bel Canto (chapter 1, if you want to start reading).

Bel Canto fanart for Bendingsignpost
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Some people were interested in seeing my process, so I recorded my progress on the Merman John piece and made a log. Behind a cut because it's big. (You can click for an even bigger version.)

Big image behind cut )
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Companion piece to go with merman Sherlock for dee-lite's birthday. Because everybody should get their turn! (At being a fishperson, that is.)

Mild NSFW for licking a fishman )
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Mild NSFW for bare butts )

For some reason, I cleverly decided that I would include the shading. Because I’m a genius. XD If you look closely, you can see the point where I stopped giving a damn.

Reference photo here.
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Merman Sherlock

For lap-otter, who totally isn't writing stories about Merlock.

Frankly, I'm astounded I pulled this one off. I thought it was going to be too much picture for me, but it came out surprisingly smoothly. But I am pretty damn proud of it (for the moment; by next week I will probably only be able to see the flaws).
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For belovedmuerto, who wanted kissing, Sherlock in his PJs, and John clothed or not, as it suited me (what did you THINK I was going to choose? ^_^) Reference photo:
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There is a stupid meme going around Tumblr in which John is an adorable little bat. The purpose of this is basically to have an excuse to draw John as an adorable little bat. Anyway, he's really damn adorable and I wanted an excuse to put in some practice on Sherlock's face, so here you go. Based on that old myth about how a bat will get stuck in your hair and then you'll have to shave your head bald to get him out.
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Because I saw some beautiful waistcoats that begged me to use them in a drawing, and because tango is sexier than sex. I've wanted to draw a picture of two men dancing for AGES.
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On the Staircase

"On the Staircase" - Fanart I did for [ profile] random_nexus's work in progress, Always Miss Something.


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