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If you're on Tumblr and curious about this, follow the link over to see this post on Livejournal.  (LJ does not automatically crosspost to Tumblr; I used a web app called IFTTT to do that.)

Feel free to say hi to me in the comments on this post!  You don't even need to have an account. ^_^ But you could leave your name in your post so that I know who you are. (Sometimes, even people with LJ accounts are too lazy to log in and just do it this way.)

Livejournal has the capability to do a 'read more,' although on LJ it's called an 'LJ cut.'  I'm not sure if this translates to Tumblr, but I'm testing it right below.

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Finally, LJ has the ability to do spoiler text! This is a bit of text that is collapsed unless you click the thing to read it.I imagine spoiler text probably does not translate to Tumblr, so you can probably see that there.  But on my LJ, you'll see what it looks like collapsed.

Edit: Like it or not, LJ is a site run by a for-profit company. It's doing pretty well, these days, but that can always change. If you prefer open source, or just a site that may have a bit less functionality but you can trust more not to change, check out Dreamwidth. It's an LJ clone, run on the same software so it works the same, but it was created specifically to give people an alternative place to go.

LJ and Dreamwidth work so well together that you can move between them and share information between them pretty easily. It's not perfect, but if you're on one, then you can mostly use the other.
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Testing crosspost of a post with images, this time. This here's a digital illustration I did of Gerald Tarrant, from CS Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy.
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I'm running some additional tests on LJ crossposting, now that I have it set up through IFTTT ( is a website that lets you plug in channels for all your social media properties and then set up automated crossposting, with various rules and triggers).

Right now, I've got one post behind an LJ friends-filter, and one post that's public. We'll see if either or both go through.
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So, I've been mucking about over on Tumblr for the past, um, year (admittedly in between doing things like Getting a Job and Writing and Life).

And the thing about Tumblr is--you folks who never moved from LJ might know this--it sucks.

I miss being able to have actual conversations that aren't basically shouting across a large room full of complete strangers.

I need to find some way to automate crossposting.


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