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Man... Fandoms come and go, and you get used to that. But the saddest part about a fandom's fall from its golden age is looking back and missing all those wild-eyed talents that made it so great.

I hope you guys are still out there, somewhere. Here's to you!
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Well, here's a timely treat. I haven't seen the new movie yet (holding out to see it at the IMAX in New Orleans), but in the meantime I'm stocking up on the gold standard. :)

A few months back, CBS loaded all of the original Star Trek episodes onto Youtube, where you can watch them for free in all their high-quality, unpixellated, full-screen-sized glory, if you're willing to endure an occasional brief commercial break.

These are the remastered re-releases from a little while back, the ones with the updated sf/x for the Enterprise space shots. Some fans are disappointed by the update, but I have to admit that I like it. I've always loved Trek. I'll go a few years without seeing an episode, and then I'm surprised anew at the quality of the writing (dude, they got Heinlein and Robert Bloch to write scripts for them! The only show that's managed that kind of star power since then is Babylon 5), the creativity of the stories, the depth they gave the characters, and the diversity of its cast, which was mind-blowing at the time (hell, half the shows I watch today can't match it; and they had a Russian--a Russian! Sure he was fake, but they tried). I still think Kirk and Spock are hot (and Uhura is both beautiful and awesome and...I'd forgotten George Takei was so pretty in his youth), and you know what? Mock him for his speech cadence if you want (I do), but William Shatner really could act.

And I still think "City on the Edge of Forever" is one of television's finest moments.
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Found on [ profile] lizamanynames's blog: if you're a Star Trek fan who is confused as to what this means for your beloved continuity, luckily sci-fi has an expert who can explain it to you! <3<3<3 Oh, that's my kind of geek.

Yes, I just made ASCII hearts. Shut up.

In other geek-fu, I saw the season finale of Fringe last night. Sadly, probably nobody on my f-list watches Fringe so that I can share the pleasant glow of fictional outrage with them. The characters are among the best I've ever seen (Olivia's my favorite female character on TV, no contest, Walter is a rare beautifully-depicted example of the realities of insanity, and Walter and Peter are heartbreakingly adorable in their cautious, dysfunctional love for each other), but the plot hasn't been extremely gripping (you can, in point of fact, just watch the season finale. The previous episodes add some emotional resonance and help you identify characters, but that one episode offers everything you really need to know about the show so far).

But in that one episode, the show went from an hour of decompressive mid-week mind-candy to addictive. I'm not a person who gets hit with the "holy **** you didn't" hammer easily, but...

Holy ****, Walter, you didn't. )


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