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Characters: Nicholai/Yuri (Puera)
Rating: NC-17
Tags & Warnings: Rape, shapeshifting, shapeshifting sex swap, monster sex, hate sex
Notes: Written all of 10 years ago--my very first smut fic! (Lookit me with the kinky non-con monster sex, I was so precocious.) I don't even remember enough about this game to recall what the deal with Nicolai's hand was anymore.

“Killing you isn’t enough,” Nicholai explains lightly. “The Mistletoe wasn’t enough; after the way you’ve interfered with me, I need you to suffer.”

They’re both on the floor, Yuri on his back with Nicholai kneeling astride him, pinning the Harmonixer’s hands above his head. Yuri’s startled at the exorcist’s strength; he can’t break free of that iron grip. Belatedly, he thinks following the red-haired priest here was a big mistake.

The best way to hurt a man like you is to bend that stiff pride until it breaks. )
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“I’m back!” Karin kicked the door open with one booted foot, her arms full of grocery bags. “After what we’ve been through, I thought—oh, thank you, Joachim—I’d make us all a special dinner tonight.” She beamed past Joachim’s shoulder as he headed toward the kitchen with some bags, then noticed something. “Wait. Where’s Yuri?”

Gepetto glanced around. “Oh, I think he went out a while ago.”

“Awroo, awroo,” Blanca responded from the fireside. (‘He went to take a walk in the park. He looked morose.’)

“You know,” added Gepetto wisely, apparently not noticing the wolf, “I have a feeling he was heading to the park.”

“Awroo.” (‘I’m going to bite you, old man.’) Gepetto casually moved away to the window.

“Oh. Could someone be a dear and go find him? I would, but I need to get started on this or it won’t be done in time for supper.” No one moved. Karin eyed them.

“Right,” declared Joachim. “I will return.” He slipped out the door.
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Fandom: Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Characters: Nicholai/Yuri (Puera)
Rating: NC-17
Oh yeah, and I don't own these guys or anything related to them (much to my sorrow).

Warnings: this thing has no real plot, contains highly descriptive smut, hate-sex, weird shape-shifting kinkiness, and...well, I can't in all good conscience call this 'consensual,' even if Yuri's begging by the end. Hopefully it does not contain bad writing. I've never written graphic sex before, so please be kind if it sucks, and tell me how to fix it. Hell, let me know if you like it too. Or if you like it and the writing sucks. :)

I had to break this bastard down and reassemble it four times, because these boys just didn't want to cooperate.

Killing you isn't enough. )


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