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Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, OCs
Rating: Mature/R
Tags & Warnings: Vampire John, Angel Sherlock, Religious Themes, Demons, Vampires, Angels, Fallen Angels, Unhappy Ending, Revenge, Hell, Spiritual Corruption, John's life being all terrible all the time
Notes: A prequel to Graceless by belladonna_q, with her kind permission.

John learns, with clawing, bloody slowness, how to fend for himself. He learns the capacity to love wasn’t taken from him, or the need for it. He learns what it is to starve. To need things that aren’t given to him.

Hell is not a place, but a state. )
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Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: R
Tags & Warnings: bloodplay, rough sex, possessive Sherlock, violent fantasies, weird romance

It’s the transitive property. John is Sherlock’s; therefore, what belongs to John belongs to Sherlock. It’s the closest Sherlock can get. John’s laptop, John’s bed, John’s tea mug, John’s toothbrush. And it’s utterly unfair that while the skin cells and hair strands and traces of DNA can transfer, the significance John imbues these items with does not. Sherlock does not become more a part of John’s morning routine for taking his tea mug.

Well. That’s not entirely true. )
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Characters: Nicholai/Yuri (Puera)
Rating: NC-17
Tags & Warnings: Rape, shapeshifting, shapeshifting sex swap, monster sex, hate sex
Notes: Written all of 10 years ago--my very first smut fic! (Lookit me with the kinky non-con monster sex, I was so precocious.) I don't even remember enough about this game to recall what the deal with Nicolai's hand was anymore.

“Killing you isn’t enough,” Nicholai explains lightly. “The Mistletoe wasn’t enough; after the way you’ve interfered with me, I need you to suffer.”

They’re both on the floor, Yuri on his back with Nicholai kneeling astride him, pinning the Harmonixer’s hands above his head. Yuri’s startled at the exorcist’s strength; he can’t break free of that iron grip. Belatedly, he thinks following the red-haired priest here was a big mistake.

The best way to hurt a man like you is to bend that stiff pride until it breaks. )
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Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: R
Tags & Warnings: dubious consent, supernatural elements, monster Sherlock
Notes: Prompt from dirtycorzaharkness: "john/sherlock cthulhu or ballroom dancing au."

John opens his eyes when he feels the bed dip. Sherlock swings one immaculately naked ivory leg over his hips and stretches out luxuriously atop him, a heavy, living weight of muscle and bone.

He is cold as winter marble.

John can’t move, except to reach up and wrap his arms around Sherlock’s frigid shoulders. The chill soaks into him till he’s wracked with shivers, but Sherlock’s eyes are so warm when they meet John’s with a teasing smile, and his lips are the perfect soft kiss of the first winter snowfall as they brush at John’s with gentle desire. Even though John knows what comes next, he can’t bear to turn that affection away. He’s wanted too badly for too long, aches too deeply, and Sherlock knows it.

They kiss langorously, mouths moulding and tasting, in just the way John never believed he could have. And when John’s lips part under Sherlock’s coaxing tongue, Sherlock’s breath pours into him, a gelid tendril creeping down into his lungs. John can feel it there, the frost piercing the blood-air barrier of his lungs to invade his bloodstream, feasting on his heat to multiply in his veins and spread through his body.

He wakes up alone, chest aching with the cold. Every night, it seeps a little deeper. John doesn’t know whether to love or dread sleep.
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Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: NC-17
Tags & Warnings: Non-con, mind control, captivity, bondage, blood, vampires
Notes: Inspired by Sherlock’s skin was as cold as the steel around John’s neck by archiaart.
Prequel to "The Lamps of His Eyes".

John watches the candle flickering on the nightstand a few feet from the bed. "For you," Sherlock had said with a little smile when he'd lit it, and John had wondered: why a candle? Why not a lamp or a night light? Something with less risk of mess or burning the place down.

He still doesn’t know, but he’s grateful all the same. The little flame dances like it’s keeping him company, a fluttering reminder that life and warmth still exist in the world beyond the cold circle of metal around his neck and the weight of Sherlock’s body draped over John’s.

Somewhere outside, the sun is traveling across the sky, pouring its light over London’s gleaming buildings and grimy pavements. John might never see it again. “I’m going to keep you,” Sherlock had told him, when he’d bound John tight and chained him into his bed. But a vampire’s thralls tend not to last for long.

Everyone is fascinated by the bite. )
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Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: NC-17
:Tags & Warnings: Dub-con, vampires, blood, captivity, mind control
Notes: Inspired by art from archiaart. Betaed by the redoubtable michi_thekiller!
Sequel to "Candlelight".

"Come here, John."

Sherlock is standing in the bedroom doorway, silhouetted in the golden lamp light. John goes to him, wraps his hands around Sherlock’s bare biceps and lets strong arms come up around him.

Sherlock's thumb strokes at the place where John’s trapezius sinks into his collarbone. His mouth lowers to it and he bites.

John sighs through the pain and leans against him. )
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Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: PG
Tags & Warnings: Romance, Discussion of death, Death imagery

When they're curled on the sofa, heads sharing a cushion and their sweat and breath swirling invisibly together in the air, Sherlock says, "I would like to rot with you when we die."

"You need to brush up on your pillow talk," John tells him.

Sherlock hums in agreement and strokes the contours of John's bicep with a finger. "Dirt together, though; you can't say it hasn't got its charm. In a few decades, no one would be able to tell your flesh from mine. Maybe even a plant...hmm, a hawthorn tree. It'd grow from the nutrients in our mingled blood. Almost like a child." His smile flashes sharp and amused. "Beautiful and vicious. Seems fitting, doesn't it?"

John rolls his head toward Sherlock. "Who would you get to plant a hawthorn tree?"

Sherlock shrugs and reaches up to trace the curve of John's brow ridge. “Our bones would fall together once the connective tissue had decayed. Think of it, John: your ulna, tucked cozy between my ulna and radius. My fibula snugged up to your tibia.” He curls over, crowding John as if to demonstrate, his lower register a hot thrum of black velvet against John’s ear. "We’d lie locked together, our skeletons interlaced. I’d weave my ribs in with yours, and come to rest in your abdominal cavity.”

John lies quietly for a long moment, Sherlock’s spread hand hot and broad across his belly. Finally he begins to wriggle free to his feet. When Sherlock looks up at him, indignant and nonplussed, John smiles an invitation and holds out a hand. “Come to bed.”
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Since I've had a couple of people tell me that Odalisque is getting a bit hard to navigate on the kink meme, I figured that an index post for the chapters would make it easier to track. I'll update this as new parts are posted, and leave comments on here so that you can get notified of updates if you track this post.

Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Jim Moriarty, Mike Stamford, Molly Hooper, Sebastian Moran, Greg Lestrade
Authors: co-written by [ profile] bobrossanon and [ profile] prettyarbitrary
Rating: NC-17. In fact, if there's a rating above NC-17, it's that.
Warnings and Tags: I'm serious, this thing is fucked up and probably triggery as hell. dub-con, non-con, outright rape, mpreg, abortion, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, sexual slavery, forced marriage, forced feminization, mindfuckery, John!whump, Sherlock!whump, allthe!whump, BAMF!John, heinous!Moriarty, victimization, psychological torture, physical torture, gender shaming, sexual shaming, AU, NOT omegaverse, additional sexes, gender issues, social world-building, eventual bad guy death, Moran isn't getting any, John's getting too much, the fic where everybody's having sex and nobody wants it, authors made of soulless evil, created by horrible minds for horrible minds

Married off at 17, John's spent his adult life surviving his psychopathic demon of a husband. Jim wants John to carry his kids just as much as John doesn't. It's a hell of a balancing act, but John's managing to make it work...till Jim's new obsession, Sherlock Holmes, comes on the scene and fucks things up for everybody.

The prompt

On AO3

On the kink meme:

Chapter 1 (the initiating story post, by [ profile] bobrossanon)
Chapter 2 ([ profile] prettyarbitrary)
Chapter 3 ([ profile] bobrossanon)
Chapter 4 ([ profile] prettyarbitrary, additional warnings: anal masturbation, medfet/artificial insemination, a bit of medfet, non-con)
Chapter 5 ([ profile] bobrossanon, additional warnings: spousal abuse, disturbing imagery)
Chapter 6 ([ profile] prettyarbitrary)
Chapter 7 ([ profile] bobrossanon)
Chapter 8 ([ profile] prettyarbitrary, additional warnings: depictions of abortion and emotional impacts thereof)
Chapter 9 ([ profile] prettyarbitrary and [ profile] bobrossanon, additional warnings: extra non-con and rape imagery)
Chapter 10 ([ profile] prettyarbitrary and [ profile] bobrossanon, additional warnings: extra non-con and rape imagery, discussion of abortion)
Chapter 11 ([ profile] prettyarbitrary and [ profile] bobrossanon, additional warnings: attempted sexual assault)
Chapter 12 ([ profile] prettyarbitrary and [ profile] bobrossanon)

'Poor John' by xitenshiix-2 on DeviantArt
'Gold and Kohl' by kmary on AO3
'Cover for Odalisque' by moonblossom on AO3
Illustration from Part XX by deuxexmycroft
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Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Jim Moriarty
Rating: PG-13 (russian roulette)
Tags and Warnings: slash-ish? In a non-con gropey sort of way (GTFO, Jim). Russian roulette, our boys are kind of crazy, Moriarty is a creeper. The odds are actually better than you'd think.
Notes: What's wrong with you, of course it was written for a kink_meme prompt.

Jim won’t rig the game. He’d never risk spoiling this kind of fun.

It was John’s fault in the first place. He was the one who’d picked up the fallen revolver. “You’re so fond of games,” he’d said, eyes burning, and spun the cylinder. Jim had felt his pupils blow wide at the ‘click’ of the hammer and Sherlock’s flinch.

They play the game rarely. Conditions have to be just right: only when they’ve got a good head of hate going and Sherlock’s come close enough to losing recently to feel the bite. When Jim has cracked him open and set him burning in the knowledge that all his intellectual superiority can’t shelter what he holds most dear. When nothing in the world sounds quite so appealing or worthwhile as pointing a gun at each other’s heads and taking a shot at ending it all right on the spot.

Every relationship needs its pressure valve. )
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Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Rating: NC-17 (for everything)
Tags and Warnings: ALL THE WARNINGS. Triggers! Non-con, dub-con, violence, sexual violence, blood, blood involved in sex, forced drug use, sensory deprivation, knives, cutting, captivity, suffocation, creepily obsessive behavior, snuff. At least most of it is only imaginary? (Violent sexual fantasies.) This is why you don't read other peoples' diaries. Dark!fluff.
Notes: Written for a really creepy kink_meme prompt. Betaed by the redoubtable [ profile] thisprettywren and gelishan. And I'm serious, those are actual 'I'm not just being courteously cautious here please don't let me fuck you up' trigger warnings.

Sherlock keeps a journal of his sexual fantasies. It turns out that reading it is not John's first mistake.

When I see that scar, I have to suppress the urge to dig my fingers in until it tears open. That wound should be mine.

The little notebook fell open among the stack of papers John had knocked into. Sherlock’s thin, spiky handwriting always had a way of drawing his eye; he read that first line before he knew what he was doing.

He kept on reading because he wasn’t superhuman. )
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Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Rating: PG-13 (sociopathic Sherlock)
Tags and Warnings: gen, dark, criminal psychology, sociopathic Sherlock
Notes: You can find the kink meme prompt here.

It was hard, being brilliant. Sherlock tried not to whinge about it; it proved irritatingly distracting to those of lesser intellectual abundance. Sadly, however trite, it remained no less true that they weren't equipped to understand.

It wasn't enough to be merely good at something when you had it in you to be the best. When you were this brilliant, being the best at one thing wasn't enough. You had to find out just how far you could go.

The problem was, he was too good. )


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