May. 1st, 2015 09:56 pm
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I'm here, I'M HERE. I swear it's like I can't keep track of two websites at once these days.

So. Netflix's Daredevil. Who's watched it? LET US DISCUSS.
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I feel like Constantine just leapt whatever pitfall it'd been struggling with. Hot damn.

I've been enjoying it, but (barring the episode with Gary Lester) something about it always felt a little awkward, like the actors were still ironing out their roles, or maybe they were still working on the fit between John and Zed. That's all gone now.

There was a moment when Matt Ryan was standing half in shadow and he turned to face the camera, and I caught my breath because every bit of 'this is a TV show and that's an actor' fell away, and it was nothing but John Constantine right there, in the flesh.

If this is a milestone and the rest of the season falls together like this, then they had better renew the show or else I will go down to NBC's offices, refuse to leave, and drink all their coffee until they agree.
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I've gone quiet again because I have been hiding from the internet and reconnecting with real life...by which I of course mean paperback books and TV.

What I have been watching:

Grimm - I just spent the past two weeks mainlining the entire run of Grimm so far, and catching up on season 4, and then flailing about it with over in her LJ.  Grimm is one of those shows that got off to a slow start.  Season 1 was not captivating.  But they found their stride about halfway through season 2, and as of season 3 it has taken its rightful place upon the throne of dark fairytale TV.  It's one part Buffy, one part Supernatural, and one part something all its own where fairytale monsters have their own ethnic conclaves in modern cities and cops respond to domestic violence calls at the three little pigs' house.

Doctor Who - I watched the first episode of the season, and then the last two.  I loved those and have no desire whatsoever to expose myself to any of the episodes in between.  BUT THOSE LAST TWO, LET'S TALK ABOUT THEM. *points at comments*  Oh god, that's the best Doctor Who I have seen in years.  And just possibly the best version of the Master EVER.

Sleepy Hollow - working on catching up on this one now.  I'm a few episodes into season 2 (so careful with spoilers!).  I enjoy this show but so far this season doesn't grab me like some of the others I'm watching, or the way S1 did.  I actually voluntarily stopped watching for the evening, when I could have continued.  But, there is John Noble, whom I would pay to watch recite the phone book.  I am captivated every time he's on the screen.

Constantine - some of you may remember that I adore Hellblazer of old.  The main DC John Constantine is softer than Vertigo's version (after all, kids could potentially encounter him), and the TV series is based on the DC version rather than the Vertigo version.  EXCEPT.  He's maybe a leeeetle more Vertigo than that after all.  Up through episode 3 I was beginning to wonder whether they were really going to manifest the potential here.  And then episode 4 happened.  Oh.  Oh YES.

Also, I cackled at the place where they apparently figured out they could draw the line on John's smoking habit.  As long as he doesn't actually puff on camera, apparently he can walk around with it dangling out of his mouth.
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Did I forget to do my last Three Good Things entry?  I did!  Well, extra perspective, I guess.  Of course, so little happened Sunday that I feel sort of like I don't have three things to list.

1: BUT WAIT, that was one of the good things!

2: Also, my sister made leek and potato soup.  God I love this soup.  It's buttery and tangy and filling and just so good.

3: I got back to (some of) my roots by binging on Transformers comics.  I've always loved Transformers.  Even though the old cartoon was simplistic, even as a kid I could see there was so much potential in the idea of a race of ancient alien robots fighting a war of millennia across the stars.  And while Michael Bay's movies are certainly not a place to find much of that potential realized, in comics there have been some really great attempts.  A now-defunct comics publisher called Dreamwave made a really good, interesting attempt at it several years ago, including a version of Megatron who owned a certain brand of warrior mysticism to go along with Optimus Prime as both military and spiritual leader of his people. These days, IDW has the rights--which is splendid because IDW does one hell of a comic, with smart writing and art high-quality art and printing.

So, I dove back into the digital collection of issues I've accumulated over time.  (Gave myself an annoying virus when I installed a reader for the file format they're stored in.)   The psychology of a species that never dies of old age and is also hard to kill otherwise. The culture and caste systems that might evolve over millions of years with minimal turnover in population.  Alien robot mysticism!  Alien robot gender!  (They've got individuals that ID as 'female' but it's not like they actually have sexes.  No, seriously, they've got a spotlight issue devoted to a transgender Transformer.) Plus, now and again a deft touch of the dystopian horror of a war that has lasted for longer than entire geological ages of the earth and left their own home planet a shattered, lifeless husk.  Perhaps most interesting is seeing what ancient alien robots might consider body horror.  It's not breaking the boundaries of sci-fi or anything, but it's so satisfying to read stories exploring the same sorts of things my imagination went cruising after.
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So many new people!

By way of introduction, I figure I can't do better than to tell you about the dream I had last night. It was about the next Avengers movie. They were just getting going into the first big fight, gearing up for the bad guy's dramatic entrance, when lo and behold, SKELETOR comes sauntering in through the doors, in his trademark purple hood and boots and a red satin negligee.

Tony Stark stopped in the middle of the fight and said, "What the fuck."

What the fuck indeed, Tony. What the fuck indeed.

Welcome, new friends!
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I wander through fandoms the way some people wander through their neighborhoods, and quite reasonably (I think) this week I find myself taking a left fork from SPN into Hellblazer.

So this happened.

Dark Alley
by *Bluesrat on deviantART

"You know all those things you never want to meet in a dark alley? This is what they hope to God they never see there."
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Addicted to webcomics? How about steampunk? Or RPG journals? This is a good read!

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Steampunk Superhero lineart
by *Bluesrat on deviantART

Another prompt from a friend. Have been commanded to color this. Once I'm done with that, I think I'll open the floor for prompts from you guys. This has been pretty successful so far.
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Snow Globes Lineart
by *Bluesrat on deviantART

To celebrate my compy being in one piece again, have some art. This came about because I've been requesting art prompts from friends who've clearly been playing too much Batman. My sister, who I guess missed his presence in the game, is responsible for Mr. Freeze. Riddler with his creepy Batman snow globe is courtesy of a friend who thought his weird Batman obsession would be a nice counterpoint to Victor's hangups over his wife.

If anybody should feel like coloring it, help yourself to the download button at DeviantArt. Just send me a link when you finish so I can be properly impressed. :)
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First: yeee, snow! We got about four inches, and everything's gorgeous with it. No one was prepared, so when I walked to work, none of the streets or sidewalks had been plowed or shovelled. I could almost imagine sleighs coming trotting down the streets. I planned to take pictures, but forgot to take my camera along...which was just as well, seeing as I was late to work as it was.

Second: does anyone know how to browse through tagged entries when it's not your LJ and they don't have the tags conveniently offered in a sidebar or something? The only way I've found is to click on a tag and look at other entries under the same label, but what if I'd like to see what other tags a journal offers?

Third: art. Geeky comic book superhero art. Once I'm done hiding my face in embarrassment, I'll justify myself by saying it's damn good practice, and in the past month of being absorbed in comics art, I have improved my figure drawing by leaps and bounds. I've been doodling some of our *cough* superhero RPG characters *cough*what?theyneededcostumedesigns*cough* whom I'll scan at some point by way of illustration. Now I just need to break myself of the growing habit of drawing people in over-dramatic poses with over-dramatic muscles.

In news of my personal life...not much. Work amuses me in a vaguely frustrated but not-unexpected way, mainly due to the rampant disorganized half-assery of the librarian whose project we're working on. *ponders creating a 'stabbity death' icon*
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Um...*cough* Is there any chance that any of you are geeky enough to remember a six-issue comic miniseries from...oh, early 1990s based on Double Dragon? It featured Billy and Jimmy Lee in red and green ninja suits, and Stan Lee was their dad. I swear to God, I'm not making it up.

Anyway, if any of you happen to have an idea of where I might find copies of this, either digital or in print, clue me in, wouldya?
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There are things in the world that just cannot be described. This is one of them.

If you're fond of comics and insanity, then THIS is the LINK for YOU!

It'll blow your mind.
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Add this to the Gallery of Wrong.

"The Avengers Crossover to Daytime TV

There have been lots of comic book crossover events between heroes who share the same publisher, and quite a few that matched heroes from different publishers (and comic book universes), but Marvel's crossover promotion with the daytime soap opera, Guiding Light appears to be unique. Marvel plans to add an 8-page backup story written by comic-and soap scribe Jim McCann to a number of books starting with four titles releasing on October 25th, while Guiding Light episode telecast on November 1st will provide the origin of Springfield's first costumed crime fighter and plenty of "Easter Eggs" for sharp-eyed Marvel fans.

Marvel EIC Joe Quesada sees the crossover as a major outreach opportunity: "This is just one more way that we're trying to reach out beyond our usual audience in an effort to expose those who don't know anything about the greatness of comics and hopefully come back with a few converts." Marvel and Guiding Light will be cross promoting each other to help drive fans not only to watch the episode (which has several surprises for Marvel fans), but also to pick up one of the comics in a local comic shop. In addition to on-air promotions at the end of Guiding Light, Marvel.com will feature a page dedicated to helping Guiding Light fans find a retailer near them and know which titles feature the unique crossover back-up feature. The back-up, by the way, is added at no extra charge to the regular price of the issue.

The Marvel comics containing the back-up story include: (Shipping 10/25) Civil War: Choosing Sides, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #11, Marvel Select Flip Magazine #18, and Marvel Tales Flip Magazine #17; (Shipping 11/1) Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #21, Spider-Man and Power-Pack #1, Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine #18, and Marvel Heroes Flip Magazine #18; (Shipping 11/8) Amazing Spider-Girl #2, Franklin Richards: Happy Thanksgiving!, and Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #18; (Shipping 11/15) Ultimate Marvel Flip Magazine #19, and Ultimate Tales Flip Magazine #19."

I just told my co-worker. She said, "Well, they do both involve a lot of dying and then coming back."
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I had interesting things to say, and now I've forgotten them. So why am I posting? Just because.

Okay, I'm bored. Bored bored bored bored bored. And my wrist hurts (yarrr, tendonitis), which limits any sort of creative endeavor I might otherwise try to pursue (as well as making mouse operation painful). And I hate computers, just at the moment, because I'm supposed to be scanning these very attractive old sepia tone photographs and have run smack-dab into the calibration conflict from hell. The screen says it's green. The printer says it's orange. I'm thinking, somehow, that this will not work.

I'm really quite annoyed. This has been a most unproductive day. I get those sometimes, and mostly it's alright, because I parcel them out. "You know what?" I say to myself (shut up, you do it too). "It's not like I need to rush. I'm going to slack off a bit today." But right now, I'm on deadlines (two of them!) and both may be quickly f***ed up if I can't beat this damn printer into submission. It's definitely the printer. I know that after spending THREE HOURS calibrating my screen.

Hmm. I may hate computers, but I love the internet. I just took care of my car registration and insurance for the next year. Har.

Um. Here's some funny:
[livejournal.com profile] ursulav gets to the bottom of the Palestine/Israeli conflict...through gardening.

The only way this post could be more random is if I had the energy to type up that analysis of the literary value of Superman that I've been meaning to lay on my roommate, who automatically responds with "Superman sucks" every time she sees a commercial for the new movie. I could probably be spending my time in more productive ways...
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The Dr. McNinja webcomic. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this.
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Today is the beginning of intersession, that magical and strange time of year when all the students have fled for the hills, leaving the last of their finals behind them, and the summer crowd hasn't yet moved in in their wake.  It's like stepping into another world.  The town feels so different with half the population gone.  Even the animals notice.  Birds and squirrels behave differently.  True, during classes the place is what you might call "stuffed to the gills," but without them it's emptier than a place like this really should be.  You feel like, if they didn't come back, nature would begin migrating back in and take over.  It's odd and dreamlike.  Very quiet.  Even in places where you normally think it's fairly silent, like the hinterlands of the library.  When the students go, you realize how much noise there usually is around you.  And you know, to this day I've never been able to actually locate it when they're here?  It's just...ambient noise, like static filling up the little silences in life.  It's nice and thoughtful when they're gone, but also a bit lonely.

In totally different news, I've found a hilarious comic.  Do you like comics?  Then you'll like this: <a href="http://www.archenemiesonline.com/">Archenemies</a>.  Four-part series.  The premise speaks for itself, really:  there's a superhero, and his supervillainous archrival.  In their secret identities, they're roommates.  :D  It's just as much fun as you hope it could be.

Oh, yeah:  <a href="http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/32865342/">more artwork</a>.
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Went to see the movie last night. I love Hellblazer the comic, so I was fully prepared to see nothing but a raging catastrophe. Color me pleasantly surprised.

my two cents--no spoilers, I think )

Also, I'm borrowing the novelization from a friend, and it's way better. The writer knows the comic, and he manages to add enough tie-ins through background and history to make you feel like it's really just an alternate-universe John Constantine that got messed around through an accident of birth.

Hellblazer's good, but consider yourself duly warned. )
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Holy crap, this is psycho-crazy awesome cool. See how many characters you can spot.


I snagged this from [livejournal.com profile] pookaknight's LJ.
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If you don't read the Hellblazer comic, then just ignore this. It's a summary of the last two issues, which someone missed and requested a run-down for.

If you want the spoilers... )


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